After selling off a few things, I'm starting anew!

For my next "studio", I'm thinking on taking a minimalist approach. I will not be doing any recording and the music that I mainly create are mostly orchestral and some ambient/electronic material (think Brian Eno). The S90es will be used at some live gigs.

I'm thinking the following to start out with and expanding from here:

Yamaha S90es
RME HDSP 9652 Hammerfall sound card (or a MOTU 828MKII at a cheaper price)
Mackie Universal Control surface
Cubase 4
Finale (already own)
Spectrasonic Atmosphere
Adam A7's

Once I have played with this settup for a while, more soft synths will likely be added.

Until then, the Motif sound engine and the Helion player will have to hold me through.

What do you guys think? Anything I should add/subtract? Will the A7's provide sufficient low-range sound, or should I look at something else?