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Topic: Pmi Bosendorfer 290 problem

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    Hello, i just bought the bosendorfer 290 sample set for the Halion sampler. Unfortunately i can't have it working right. Here is the situation

    After paying i downloaded the files "pmidd-001-mult24" parts 1-2-3 and 4.I think the decompressing went well as i have in the folder i created 1315 files in 38 folders for a total of 3.27 gigs of data.
    I then fired up Halion 3 sampler.
    When i try to load a fxp in the bosendorfer 290 folder, the error message i get is "Some audio file(s) could not be found (2208 samples). Do you want to search them automatically?". After selecting "automatically" the computer searches for samples and goes then to the global window of halion with some samples loaded. After playing the patches i realize that the pedal up and pedal down don't play and only one of the 5 patches i tried use sympathetic resonance when the sustain pedal is activated.
    BTW only 5 of the 12 programs (*.fxp extention files)are working. None of the wet programs work.At one point it's looking for the 'pedal up loud' sample and asks me to find the folder where these are stored. I select the folder in question but halion still does'nt find them.

    On sampletekk's and postpiano's web sites there is mention that the amount of dry and wet samples is adjustable by the user. I see no evidence of this anywhere, as i said, none of the wet patches work at all. I browsed the actual samples folders and i can play individually the wet samples themselves in those folders but i can't use them in Halion from the *.fxp files.

    i don't think i'm using this library optimally and i don't know what to do next.

    any help will be appreciated


    François Groulx

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    Re: Pmi Bosendorfer 290 problem

    Go to www.postpiano.com > updates > Select product: GRANDIOSO BöSENDORFER 290 HALION

    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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