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Topic: Hello, and a couple of questions

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    Hello, and a couple of questions

    Hello all. I've been lurking here for a while, and decided it was time to register. It looks like a great community here.

    First off, I want to thank the Garritan team for all these outstanding libraries. In particular, Gary Garritan, Giorgio Tommasini and Stefano Lucato for the Strad and Gofriller. Many years ago I also dreamed of composing classical music and realizing it on the computer (it's what first got me into computers). I was using Encore notation software and an E-mu Proteus orchestral hardware sound module. I eventually became discouraged by the lifeless, electronic sounds I was getting (in particular the strings, and especially the solo strings), and fell away from it believing I would never be able to get a realistic rendering of my little pieces. A few months ago I stumbled upon the Garritan site and started reading and listening. Wow....things have changed. I got Finale and Sonar, and the Strad and Gofriller, and while I'm just starting to get a bead on it all, well.....you know what I want to say. *This* is the realism that I dreamed about those many years ago. It's back to harmony and counterpoint exercises for some time, and learning how to use all these new tools, but the *dream* has returned, and for that my appreciation goes out to all involved.

    Anyway, I do have a couple of questions. I have everything installed and generally working properly, but I do notice that the Gofriller still plays an octave lower than notated in Finale. I see this mentioned in older posts here, but no one has mentioned it in some time. Has this been fixed?

    I've been scouring the forums here, and can't get an accurate bead on the versions. My Gofriller is at 3.02. I saw a single mention of a version 3.03 (and that this update needed to be done via the NI updater), but when I run the NI Update Manager it tells me no updates are available. This is especially odd, since I see that all copies of "KontaktPlayer2.dll" on my system are at, and I've seen numerous references to a newer version of the player (I also see this if I log into NI via the website).

    Could someone give me a rundown on current latest versions, how to get what updates may be available, and the best way to apply said updates so as not to hose what I already have?

    Thanks in advance,

    Larry Wallace

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    Re: Hello, and a couple of questions


    I'm very sorry you could not get an official answer to your question.

    Please email me, and I'll try to help.

    Best regards,



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    Re: Hello, and a couple of questions

    Many thanks for your offer of help, Giorgio. I've sent you an e-mail.

    I neglected to mention in my original post that I'm using Finale 2007c, with the Human Playback update applied. I do see the sticky in this section with the updated .nki for Finale 2008, but did not know if I could/should try to use this. With a still limited understanding of the function and interaction of the various files, I hesitate to ram around too much lest I render my instruments unloadable altogether.

    I also noticed last night that if I edit the pitch of a previously entered note in a part for which the Gofriller is loaded, that instance of the Gofriller goes into pizzicato mode, and can not be brought out by any markings in the score, but only by deleting and reloading that instance of the cello. Odd.

    Larry Wallace

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    Re: Hello, and a couple of questions

    Quote Originally Posted by LPWallace
    but I do notice that the Gofriller still plays an octave lower than notated in Finale. ... Has this been fixed?

    I recognized the same. I am using Cubase 4, and in comparison to GPO, the Gofriller Cello is one octave down.

    That is not a big problem, but now owning the Gofriller Cello (wonderful sound!) I try to convert the GPO Cello to Gofriller, and so I have to transpose every Miditrack.

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    Re: Hello, and a couple of questions

    Hi Tillenburg. I eventually downloaded and installed the "Updated NKI for Finale 2008" from the sticky posted in this section of the forum. I then had to update the Kontakt player via the NI website, as the old player could't load the new .nki. Now, when I initially try to load the Gofriller (it shows now as version "3.03 for Finale", the player can't find the files. Letting the player search for them works, as it finds and loads them, and now the Gofriller plays in the correct octave in both Finale 2007c and Sonar.

    Unfortunately, I am now getting an error in Kontakt when I try to load one of the alternate IR's for the Gofriller that the IR can not be found, but other than that and the initial problem loading the files in Kontakt everything seems to be working ok.

    Good Luck.


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