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Topic: K2 reinstall question

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    K2 reinstall question

    I recently had my harddrive wiped clean and have a clean reinstall of Windows XP. Of course, now I have to reinstall everything. SO far I have reinstalled all my EastWest and Garritan stuff. I just reistalled K2 but I must have missed where it is that I'm supposed to install the library. The library Disk 1 wont even show up in the browser of K2 or on my computer periob. So then I thought I'd load my Bela D stuff but it asks me for a destination folder and I dont know really what that should be. Can anyone here get me on track really quick? Thanks.


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    Re: K2 reinstall question

    In Options | Load/Import you should point "Library Path" to the "Kontakt 2 Library" folder. It doesn't really matter where you install the library - although ideally it should be on a HDD separate from the OS HDD - as long as you point K2 to it.

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