"With its playable, detailed and adjustable sound, Digital Model One is quite possibly the finest virtual piano instrument available." Sound on Sound, november 2007

A fair review, as far as I can see.

What´s good with the Blüthner? Well, IMHO the following.

- Great sound. Samples from a *real* piano = sounds like a real piano.
- Great response and feel.
- Flexibility with different tonal qualities, coming from the different impulse responses.
- It works. It loads with so far *no missing samples*.
- Not too heavy on system. Does NOT take the latest computer with massive amounts of RAM or harddisc space.
- Detailed documentation.
- Very reasonable price for the quality on offer.

I haven´t tried every virtual piano available myself - but a few! Anyway, the Blüthner from Pro Audio Vault is the best virtual piano I´ve tried.

If you´re looking for a great virtual piano, do yourself a favor and check it out, http://www.proaudiovault.com/

Henrik Bergman, Sweden
not affiliated with PAV in any way, just a happy consumer