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Topic: Ensemble Building KS Solo Instruments?

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    Red face Ensemble Building KS Solo Instruments?

    I am curious about building string ensembles in GPO. The manual says to use individual players for a more realistic sound, I agree. But, if I use Violin Player 1, 2 etc... How to I program tremelo or trills when I need to? For example, would I have to build a 16 pc violin section with individual solo 'Key Switch' patches if I wanted to utilize tremelo?

    How are others out there doing this?

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    Re: Ensemble Building KS Solo Instruments?

    well, i'm not totally sure, but heres what i think - if an instrument doesn't have any KS options, then thats it. what i would do is add in some other tracks, totally separate that have only tremolo violins/violas/etc. loaded. when the time comes for tremolo to be used, put the data in those tracks. now if you are printing the score you would combine them into a single track and simply draw in your squiggly when tremolo came up. if there are better options out there i'd like to know too, because this is what i've always done. it can be useful also though because when searching through the score you can easily see when the tremolo section comes in.

    p.s. - on this tune that i wrote thats what i did.
    -Keith Fuller

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