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Topic: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

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    Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    This was a hard one folks,

    Due to some strange behaviours of Overture, concerning the export of the various voices of the instruments (shifted measures) it took a little longer to get the piece in order to present. I am not sure where that behaviour came from, or it was Overture (and I think it is) or Sonar, but this piece has different time signatures (6/8-4/4-6/8-3/8-4/4-6/8-3/8, etc.). Which program went bezerk I don't know, but here it is (lower the volume knob of your monitors).

    It is ONLY available at eSnips!!!!

    Symphonic Poem about The Hague - part 3, picturing festivities, fair, merry-go-rounds, folk dancing, and all sorts of noisy, joyful activities found at a fair.

    I also amended the first two parts, merely on accents and correction of some errors, including the reverb DRY and WET relation.

    Part 1
    Part 2

    Have fun - and now going to finish part 4 (the final part). In the next few days I will edit the score and send it to eSnips under the link mentioned below (the scores of the first two parts are already there).


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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Hey Raymond,

    Wow, you sure did capture the festivities absolutely perfect! The instrument selections are wonderful especially the, not so over powering, percussion; perfectly placed in conjunction with different instrument articulations. The tempo seems satisfying; and thank you for the changes - brought some needed intermissions. Wonderful composition!

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Quite a wild, whirling, wondrous Gypsy ride, Raymond!

    I like the effect of the oscillating time signatures and constantly
    shifting metric emphasis -- it works perfectly to bring out a
    sense of being on the very edge of control, very near to flying
    over the fence... but not quite. And that winding-down retard
    to the bow wave of center in this with the subsequent acceleration,
    I think really "makes" this movement -- when skirting the rim
    of minimalism like this, that was just the right move to blow
    away any repetitiousness and regain freshness in the forward
    momentum... sometimes slowing down is the best way to point
    toward speed.

    Well done, and a third "part" that complements the prior two

    My best,


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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Weeee, what a roller coaster ride. I confess that I have yet listened to the first two movements; this one was a fun ride. I liked the folk-like melody and the ebb and flow of the up and down movement. I must confess though that GPO does not handle such a rapid pace very well but I can easily image a more lithe version.


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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Hello, Raymond

    Well, I'm certainly glad you emerged from your magical workshop long enough to share the next Hague movement.

    It's a fantastic ride, this piece - Perhaps you know me well enough now through my music to know that what you have here would be especially up my alley. Spinning, dizzying dancing that skirts the edge of being out of control - that's the energy of life at its most vivid, and you've captured it so very well here.

    What an amazing contrast you've developed in the various sections of this Symphonic poem. I admire your work so much.

    Thank you, Raymond!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Good work Raymond - this held the attention as it progressed towards a particularly pleasing and well crafted ending. The changing time signatures were a good decision and were well deployed in this. You've captured the busy atmosphere perfectly. And yes, these fast pieces are a lot of hard work - but essential in the overall scheme of things. The completed work will certainly benefit from this scene when put all together.

    Regards, Graham

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