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Topic: WUP, Waves, and DP (man, what a rip off)!

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    WUP, Waves, and DP (man, what a rip off)!

    My rant for the year. I was a good boy and paid the WUP $$$ two years ago to the Waves folks and have received NOTHING for my money.

    I use DP and Waves Gold. Ever since DP 5 came out (which I love). Waves will not function properly.

    I have contacted them on several occasions and they REFUSE to answer emails etc. Am I the only one that is experiencing this problem? Basically Waves has taken my money and provided nothing in return. Should I higher a lawyer I have no way of getting my $$ back.



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    Re: WUP, Waves, and DP (man, what a rip off)!

    Yes, do it, as long as they say the software must work with DP5! You have paid for their software, therefore contracting also a maintainance 'service' from their part. If they don't provide it to you, then they are unilateraly breaking the contract they 'signed' with you when you purchased the software. Therefore, you are right in your claim for a refund!

    All the best.

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    Re: WUP, Waves, and DP (man, what a rip off)!

    I would be careful with that, as you accepted the contract - depends on what was written into it.

    Waves might say that the most current version works with DP - and you might not be able to access this version due to WUP. Lots of people looked and found alternatives to Waves. I think either you are willing to get WUPped or you stay away and do not use Waves. I do not think that they are not clever enough to have valid contracts and actions that are according to these contracts.


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