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Topic: Monitors?

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    I'm in a BIG dilemma:

    Since august, or maybe a bit earlier I had arranged from someone I knew from the Internet, to make custom monitors for me, for a set price. The specs are the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by Specs of the monitors
    Dimensions: 70cm(H)x27cm(W)x33cm(D)(without stand)
    110x31x33 (with stand)
    Power Handling:RMS Power 80W
    Maximum Power 120W
    Sound Pressure Level @ 1W/1m: 88dB
    Frequency Range: +/3dB
    à 30Hz …22kHz
    Type of cabinet: BassReflex
    Price: 850Euro
    The price includes an amp with the following thingies:
    Quote Originally Posted by The amp
    I must say I am really proud of this unit! It incorporates one of the
    best power amplifiers I have designed. The power amplifier runs in class
    AAB with 100W in 8 ohms at THD levels below 0.1% (typ 0.04%) Capable of
    driving levels up to 200W in 8 ohms and 400W in 4 ohms this amplifier
    will most likely never go into clipping. Up to 10 W it runs fully in
    class A so normal listening levels will have the best fidelity an
    amplifier can provide! It uses high quality modern components because the
    quality of an audio system is the quality of the worst component in the
    chain. It has all the protections needed, its almost impossible to
    destroy it unless u deliberately want it ;)
    The features! It has 3 mic inputs where u can plug any kind of mic there
    is… dynamic, electret, condenser all selectable on the front panel. Also
    for every mic input a led bar graph displays the mic level so u can
    easily monitor the levels so that mic preamp wont distort the sound. The
    meter can display VU or peak in bar graph display or dot display. Also
    the inputs available for mic are balanced XLR or balanced jacks. For
    electret mics inputs are unbalanced XLR and jack. A gain knob lets u set
    the gain of the preamp to match any mic’s sensitivity. These 3 inputs are
    mixed together and fed to the main mixer inside the amp. U can set that
    signal coming from mic go to the stereo bus in phase or 180 degrees out
    of phase. Also u can use a DNR (dynamic noise reduction) for bad
    connections or when long cables are used and the noise floor rises. Also
    u have a Send/Return Loop right after mic mixing so u can use the high
    quality mic preamp inside the amp and then add a compressor or eq or
    voice processor and then feed it back to the amp. The amp has one phono
    input… who knows mb someday u’ll need it J and 6 line level inputs (CD,
    Tape, Soundcard, Aux1, Aux2, Aux3) Aux 3 has a high input impedance
    preamp of about 1megohms. All these inputs are selectable by a switch on
    the front panel and green leds show the current selection. The main mixer
    also has a FX send/return loop so u can add other units to the chain like
    eqs. After this everything is fed to the power amp. Precise VU meters
    allows u to see the volume levels. The amp also has recording output
    after the main mixing, mic monitor output after the mic mixing and a
    class A headphone amplifier with 0 hiss! for ur great headphones!
    and a hardware 1/4 EQ.

    All this for 850 euros + shipping.

    All this ok.

    The further info was that:

    1. I had 14 days to test them (since I would never be able to listen to them), and if I didn't like them, I could return them.
    2. All cables included.
    3. No money upfront. I would pay the full ammount to the delivery guy.

    Well pretty much this.

    This whole deal sounded great, to tell you the truth, and from the specs and what the guy was telling me (plus I knew him a bit "internet" wise from before) it seems genouine and fine!

    Now it's the 21st of Oct, right?

    This whole deal was stalled, and stalled, and stalled.

    First he lost his business partner so he had a bit of a problem, but he would keep his promise.

    Now today he told me that he could not afford shipping, so I would have to pay for shipping and the rest later one.

    Needless to say, I am tons worried, and I'm seriously thinking of not buying from the guy.

    And this is where YOU come in:

    WTF do I do?

    I have the money (more or less 1000 euros) since Aug. and nothing to do with the money.

    I do think that custom made will be a much better deal than any factory deal, but where do I search? How do I try? What do I do?

    Any links?
    Any people you know (and trust)?
    And monitors at such a price that will suite me? I need something rather good (not heaven), and I write orchestral stuff mainly, so I need something more than the usual rubbish floating around the net and the net stores...

    Please help me...


    PS. Sorry for the long post.

    In the meantime I got a lovely new keyboards and the LynxONE both of which serve me great...

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    Re: Monitors?

    I'm shamelessly bumping this thread a bit.

    The above thread has been semi-answered and the OP if needed will look at his thread.

    I hope noone minds

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    Re: Monitors?

    Hi, I am not a monitor expert but here are few point you may consider. I am proposing them just to help you with you analysis, not to tell you what to do.

    First, you are right, custom made stuff mean that you are supposed to have more than commercial stuff for the same price . Be sure to compare the spec with commercial speaker in the same price range.

    Just for fun, I compared the spec of my monitors to the one proposed.

    Is 30Hz …22kHz the actual frequency range of the monitors? If so, 30Hz is very good for low freq, you won't need a sub with these but 22Khz for high freq seems a littlebit low...Even if the human hear can only hear up to 20Khz, there are a ton frequencies and harmonics the human hear "feel" above 20Khz. Commercial monitors can usually support up to 50Khz. Interesting if you are mixing classical or acoustic instruments.

    Are they 2 ways monitors? If so, what's the size of the drive units?
    Before buying my monitors, I compared the 5", 6" and 8" models. Bigger mid-range drive units seem to produce more presence or "warm" in the sound. Smaller mid-range drive units seem to produce a more "cannister" sound.

    Are these speakers specificly designed for monitoring or are they Hi-Fi speakers? Studio monitors have to be transparent when producing sound, while living room speakers are usually corrective for pleasant hearing. Goog reference monitors should tell you when the mix is good but should also tell you when the mix is bad! Not lie to you for pleasant hearing...

    What about room treatment? Good monitors in a non treated room is better than nothing but no room treatment at all will diminish their efficiency.

    Just to give an comparison basis, I have Tannoy Reveal 6D monitors. Not the best out there but definitly in the pro range. I paid them 1100$CAN which is about 850Euros. I am 100% satisfied with them.

    You can compare the spec there:

    http://www.mackie.com is also a brand with a very good reputation.

    Finally, the best way to be sure a pair of monitors are what you are looking for is to listen to them.

    I hope it helps
    Nicolas Roy

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    Re: Monitors?

    I read tons of good reviews about those http://www.dynaudioacoustics.com/Default.asp?Id=3680 which are on my wish list.


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