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Topic: Some problems with GPO

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    Some problems with GPO


    I've got some questions on GPO I'd like to ask:

    1) When I try to import Garritan sounds into Kontakt 2, Kontakt says that I haven't registered GPO yet. So I can't use my GPO sounds in Kontakt 2. Is this true?

    2) When I look for String KS sounds, I don't find it any the Solo folder. Is it true that there are no KS solo string sounds?

    3) When I try to import more than 5 sounds, I get the warning that my memory is too low. What can I do? I have 1000 MB RAM...

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    Re: Some problems with GPO

    For people to help you, should let us know a few things...

    Are you using the full GPO, or a GPO that came with another product (Finale, Sibelius, etc.)?

    Are you talking about the full Kontakt 2, or the Kontakt 2 Player?

    What OS are you using? Vista, for example, uses up much more RAM than XP.

    re; #3 You can safely ignore that warning message. Nothing bad will happen, but you might experience drop-outs and stuttering. When running sample libraries, it's a good idea to make sure you aren't running anything that isn't absolutely necessary. Anything that's running is using up your RAM.

    Suggestion: Bring up the Task Manager (assuming you're running XP or Vista). In XP, that's CTRL/ALT/DELETE, then click on Task Manager. How much memory do you have free BEFORE you start Kontakt/GPO?
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    Post Re: Some problems with GPO

    Same thing for me:

    I used my GPO Sibelius Edition (that I've bought last year), on a Mac OS 10.4.9 with 3GB RAM and a 2.33GB Intel dual-core, and Sibelius 5.0. Worked fine so far.

    Now that I've updated to Sibelius 5.1, a "red caution icon" shows up next to GPO KP2. I've tried to authorize via "NI Service Center" without success.

    Please advice how to activate.

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    Re: Some problems with GPO

    Sorry for not giving my pc specifications...

    1) I have a full GPO and a GJBB.
    2) I'm talking about the full Kontakt 2.
    3) I'm using Windows Vista.

    I don't have to free up any memory before I start the applications (Kontakt & Sibelius 4).

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    Re: Some problems with GPO

    You'll need to run NI's Service Center and "authorize" the library. This makes some mark somewhere on your system that lets Kontakt load the sounds. If you've already done this, try doing it again and then rebooting.

    Also what is your total system RAM?


    I recommend you send an email to Native Instruments using their on-site support ticket describing your problem. Attach the logfile report from Service Center. It can be activated/adjusted manually on their end.

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