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Topic: Question to MOTU MkII or Ultralite users...

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    Question Question to MOTU MkII or Ultralite users...

    I've now M-audio FW 410 card which drives me crazy becasue of:
    1) I can't use Cubase alongside with standalone plugins using one card becasue M-audio FW 410 isn't multi-client ready
    2) becasue M-audio constantly vanishes from windows and I need to shut down, replug it and restart all
    3) I have distortion when recording using mic inputs

    so I'm thinking about switching to a Motu card....
    a MkII Usb 2.0 version or Ultralite Firewire.....
    that's why I have some questions:

    1) How's the 64bit drivers ? xp64 and vista 64 - goood ???
    2) Are those cards multiclient ready ??? Will I be able to use the same Asio Driver for cubase and K2 standalone for example (of course different audio ports)
    3) How's the USB2 version of Motu ???? is it ok ? works flawlessly ??? Is it better to go USB2.0 MKII then Ultralite FW ????

    and the final question.... what is better ? Mk2 or Ultralite ????

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    Re: Question to MOTU MkII or Ultralite users...

    Hi lukpcn -

    I use XP x64 with a 828MkII, although mine's firewire. It works great in 64-bit Windows XP. I've had no problems running multi-client - I run Forte and V-Stack side by side, each using different outputs of the 828. I don't have an Ultralite so I can't compare, but doesn't it have a little less I/O? Can't remember, actually. Ultralite is newer, might have later and greater innards, dunno. I really like my 828MkII, though, really works well with XP x64. Don't know if there are any gotchas with the USB version, but my guess is no.

    Let me know if you have any more questions. Feel free to PM me, I don't frequent the hardware forum much.

    Good luck!


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    Re: Question to MOTU MkII or Ultralite users...

    Hi Buzzripper,

    I know this is an old thread but I am having ASIO multiclient issues with my RME Fireface 400, and I'd like to compare multiclient on different cards.

    The main problem is that I can't have two applications sending audio to the same pair of playback channels. Each application needs to use a separate pair of playback channels for ASIO multiclient to work on the Fireface. Is this the case of the MOTU MkII?

    A lot of audio interface users will say: "Of course you muppet, that's the way ASIO multiclient is meant to work!". Well, actually, not. I have a Native Instruments Kore audio interface, that's a USB interface, which allows me to have as many apps as I want all sending audio to the same pair of playback channels. I think this is absolutely amazing, and I can't figure out why RME could not do it too. So, does your MOTU work like my Kore, or does it work like the Fireface?

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