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Topic: Has anyone tried the CME ZSC keyboards?

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    Has anyone tried the CME ZSC keyboards?

    They have all the specs I want. 61/76/88 keys, weighted action, mod/pitch wheel, USB-hub, price around 700$/500 euro, transport buttons for Logic, clean design. Too cheap? Has anyone tried one of 'em?


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    Re: Has anyone tried the CME ZSC keyboards?

    Haven't tried this one, but if I were you I'd be hoping they've used a new keyboard bed. The action on the older UF88 is pretty horrific. Keeps stiffening up if you don't pay it for a few minutes.

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    Re: Has anyone tried the CME ZSC keyboards?

    As a keyboard controller for midi work I can reccommend Fatar, and I heard many are using them. Cheap plastic outside but a good keyboard in itself.
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    Re: Has anyone tried the CME ZSC keyboards?

    Thank's guys. I'll update the thread if I try one. I'll also check out Fatar.

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    Re: Has anyone tried the CME ZSC keyboards?

    I love my UF8, for one (CME's earlier version of controller). It cost me $600 at the time, and it has been nothing but great 4 me. So dont be thrown off bc of the low price. That's a good thing, not a bad thing! And that new version looks really nice, too. but i saw some uf8's goin for like $300 now, (since they made newer versions), which is like a steal-- in fact i wanted to buy one just bc of the price alone, but i have one already . So maybe that would be a possibility 4 u, if u can find one. But i highly doubt u would go wrong getting their new controller. The feel is definitely "tighter" than like a fatar, or certainly an m-audio or something. But in all honesty so is a real piano. I really prefer the CME's feel to those other companies, by far. It's like an instrument, not a push-button keyboard, (at least the 88-key weighted one is). Just my 2 cents, anyway.

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    Re: Has anyone tried the CME ZSC keyboards?

    Then I will try both.

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    Re: Has anyone tried the CME ZSC keyboards?

    My UF8 is a friggin' mess. Action is terrible, very bad purchase.

    I know some people's UF8's are better than mine though. I will not buy another CME anytime soon.

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    Re: Has anyone tried the CME ZSC keyboards?

    This is an old thread, but I thought I should give a little update. Some time after my earlier post I began having problems with some of the keys on my UF8 (sound was cutting out at high velocities on certain keys) and unfortunately it was too expensive to fix, especially considering the low price of a new one. So all in all, it lasted under 2 years.

    I have since bought a Studiologic VMK-188, and by far this keyboard surpasses the CME. It is excellent quality. The only downside I have found is the inability to create splits, or run in Omni mode. The CME is definitely more of an instrument than some of the really cheap-feeling offerings that are on the market. But if you want an affordable great-feeling controller, esp for piano vst"s etc., Fatar would be my go-to company. And their newer Numa models look really fantastic (and seem to offer more comprehensive MIDI features.)

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    Re: Has anyone tried the CME ZSC keyboards?

    I love this keyboard. It is functioning very awesome. Also it provids USB-HUB x2 which allow to direct plug computer keyboard, mouse, flash disk etc, to make a very convenient connection with computer. It facilitates very nice with computer.

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