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Topic: Got Some Possum (merle travis guitar style)

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    Got Some Possum (merle travis guitar style)

    I really expect this to fall into the bit bucket in one quick hurry, but I had to just try and see if I could emulate the Merle Travis guitar sound with JABB. This is a very short song very much in the 50's style of country guitar. It uses jabb acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.


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    Re: Got Some Possum (merle travis guitar style)

    Nice pickin', Mr. Jay. I like it.

    The guitar itself (not your music) leaves something to be desired. Perhaps if you increased the length control it would help. It's not "ringing" enough.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Got Some Possum (merle travis guitar style)

    Sounds pretty nice to me. Maybe a little more ambiance to get more sustain out of the notes? Other than that, sweet!
    --gary shannon
    Spooks! - The Movie

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    Re: Got Some Possum (merle travis guitar style)

    Nice pick'n Jay. Maybe the short sustained guitar was what you wanted? Thanks for posting it.


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    Re: Got Some Possum (merle travis guitar style)

    I have to admit, I'm not familiar with Merle Travis... But this piece has been a great contrast to the loud dramatic orchestral pieces I've been listening to lately. This is smooth and calming, a gentle welcoming smiling toe-tapper. I very much enjoy it.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Got Some Possum (merle travis guitar style)

    Sweet pickin', there, Jay! Darned convincing... hope
    they don't send the royalties to Merle Travis by mistake... lol.
    (Not that he needs them, now.)

    I think I have a couple of very old Capital Records recordings
    of his around somewhere... and although this surely isn't
    an area I'm well versed in, your "take" on his style is, to me,
    almost uncanny.

    Nice work!


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    Re: Got Some Possum (merle travis guitar style)

    Refreshing sound indeed!
    I enjoyed it very much and thanks for posting


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    Re: Got Some Possum (merle travis guitar style)

    Thanks for listening larry. I agree with you 100% about your point about the guitar not ringing enough. I originally used a fender telecaster sound from another library and that sounded more authentic. Of course that would be inapropriate to post that version on this forum so I did my best to work with JABB instruments.

    fiziwig, Sean, yudit and Gary, thanks for taking time to listen to my little whim. I just felt like trying something different.

    Ern, 'YEE HAW'. I did have fun writing this little snipet of a piece. I play guitar also and years ago I spent a little time getting this style under my hands. I played a few gigs using it, but got bored with it and went back to playing jazz.

    David, I still have some old Merle Travis albums around too. They are buried in two feet of dust, but one of these days I will dig them out for a nostalgic listen. Thanks for listening and commenting.


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    Re: Got Some Possum (merle travis guitar style)


    You captured the style - and wit - very nicely. I agree with the others about the length/sustain - I'm not sure it can be solved, as I have had the same problem. Still, the guitar works better here, than in a classical setting.

    You show a wide range in your postings, never having heard something like this from you. Great job!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Got Some Possum (merle travis guitar style)

    Very nice job here sir.......As somewhat a picker my roots go back to the likes of Mississippi john hurt, doc watson, merl travis, etc.......just listening brings back a lot of memories of why I picked this instrument over others......
    I loved it
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