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Topic: GPO website Cubase files - can anyone help?

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    GPO website Cubase files - can anyone help?


    This is my first post. I've had a look around this and other forums but haven't come up with anything yet. Apologies if I've missed something that's either here already or blindingly obvious!

    I use Cubase Studio 4 and have the full GPO, which I updated to the KP2 version a few months ago. Everything seems to load and work fine - I haven't encountered any of the other issues I've seen on this forum yet.

    My problem is this. I've had GPO for a while and love messing around with it but I want now to use it a bit more seriously. So with that in mind I tried to load a couple of the cubase example files from the GPO Cubase tutorial/resources page. However, as these are older projects, the midi files load into their various channels/tracks, but the project expects to find the old KP1 version of GPO in order to load the samples, which it can't. I end up with the message that GPO is a missing VST, and/or several ports are unmapped. So I end up with a fully arranged but silent orchestral piece!

    Is there a workaround for this, or anything I've missed out? Is there a way to remap the older version so that it automatically loads in the newer? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. (GPO with KP2 works absolutely fine with any new projects, it's just this one issue I have.)

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    Re: GPO website Cubase files - can anyone help?

    Hi, Pocket Shepherd

    Interesting problem. Seems to me that you'll need to set things up by hand - Making a note about what all the instruments are in the out-moded files, then setting those instruments up in KP2. That wouldn't take an inordinate amount of time I don't think.

    Randy B.

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