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Topic: GPO and JABB crashes Finale 2007c

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    GPO and JABB crashes Finale 2007c

    I have installed Finale 2007c with Garritan JABB on a new PC, because my old machine didn't have enough processing power and RAM capability. However, on the new machine every time I try access the bundled GPO or JABB sounds finale crashes immediately! It works on the old machine though, although slow and with erratic playback. No-one (including MM tech support) seems to know what is causing this.. I've got all the right plugins installed. Appreciate any help.

    Mike Campbell

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    Re: GPO and JABB crashes Finale 2007c

    I'm using the same Finale 2007c on a Mac Intel in which I added
    an extra 2 GIGS for a total of 3 gigs. I still have crashes. What seems to work-at least for awhile-is to set-up a new file and copy the old to it. Maybe it's a matter of the act of saving a file multiple times confused the computer. boo-hoo....

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    Re: GPO and JABB crashes Finale 2007c

    You should be able to get rid of the random crashing, if you get FinaleVSTHost.dll version from MakeMusic's support instead of the version, that the F07c updater installs. With v1.0.0.18 you may not be able to launch KP2 from the wizard, though (I can't without having Finale crash immediately). Instead you set the document up with the SoftSynth instruments in the wizard and then afterwards load KP2 manually. You could say, that you get controlled (and avoidable) crashing instead of random crashing with v1.0.0.18.

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