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Topic: GPO Install mess - Help

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    GPO Install mess - Help

    I've went away during the Gpo/k2 install/upgrade debates. I just got back and have really made a mess of things. I'm really terrified of uninstall/reauthorization issues with NI so I hope to resolve this without going through that hassle.

    I have so totally screwed up my sample/library disk and vst directory that I no longer know what goes where.

    Can some kind person post screen shot(s) or description of a working Gpo1/GPO2 file and directory structure including file dates/sizes and versions for all the necessary dll,s nkm,nki, txt files - whatever resides in the different directories/subdirectories.

    Both for the libraries AND the Vst/dxi files

    All my other Garritan stuff is OK - Strad, Gofriller,JaBB


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    Re: GPO Install mess - Help

    More info

    Gpo2 stand alone and vsti (in Sonar7pe) work OK KP2 version using GPO2 library version 1.0

    No dxi of GPO2 however

    K1player version 118.003 comes up but will not load gpo1 (...patch created by a newer version needed...)


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    Re: GPO Install mess - Help


    My files and directories are a mess to, but my setup does work. The reason is so that I can still use the old Kontakt player. I think the configuration of my system could be improved. If i was you I would completly uninstall everything and start a fresh.

    I don't think its much help. This is my setup

    Volume in drive C:\ is
    Directory of C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Kontakt Player 2\

    . <DIR>
    .. <DIR>
    default <DIR>
    DXi <DIR>
    presets <DIR>
    UndoBuffers <DIR>
    UserPatches <DIR>
    VSTPlugins <DIR>

    KontaktPlayer2.exe 32837 KB
    NI Service Center Setup.exe 4142 KB
    Readme.txt 10 KB
    Service Center Setup.exe 17122 KB

    Garritan <DIR>
    Garritan Jazz Big Band <DIR>
    Garritan Personal Orchestra <DIR>
    Garritan Stradivari Solo Violin <DIR>
    Garritan1 <DIR>


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    Re: GPO Install mess - Help

    I recommend to use the VST version of in Sonar especially if you use tempo changes during your pieces. There is a bug still in the DXi version. BTW, Kontakt 3 doesn't even have a DXI version.


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    Re: GPO Install mess - Help


    I bit the bullet, uninstalled all versions of GPO, cleaned out the registry then reinstalled GPO (1st edition using KP1[I updated each version on top of the previous]) - all went OK including NI registration.

    I then copied the library directory, renamed it GPO KP2 ( I wanted to keep each version totally seperate) I installed the GPO KP2 update directing the library install to the GPO KP2 directory. Everything went fine including the NI registration

    So now I have clean working installs of both versions.



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