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Topic: 3 GB Switch w/ GVI

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    3 GB Switch w/ GVI

    I am intigued by this trick. and was hoping a fellow Brotha' could post a descriptive link on it's origin, and use w/ GVI.

    I am currently happy w/ my loads live, but I am running stripped down versions of some, w/ the exception of SSIS.

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    Re: 3 GB Switch w/ GVI


    You'll need 3 or 4 GB RAM of course to make use of it and a host that is large address aware. You should then be able to load 2.5GB of samples or so, depending on what else is running. I haven't tested it with GVI standalone, but I would imagine that it is large address aware.

    Note that if you're running Gigastudio on this machine it will mess with it in a bad way. (no personal experience but this is a known issue)

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    Re: 3 GB Switch w/ GVI

    Thanks Fiz,

    I'm preparing to upgrade.

    I am thinking that GS3 / GS4 will be used for performance editing, etc. Bidule is already a fine host, and Forte seems to be a real performer also.

    I really need a boost to hold me over between the 32bit / 63bit period, and of course some drivers from Soniccore.

    A really fast Core 2 Duo and a P35 board w/ 4 GB's or CL3 DDRII should be fine.

    Thanks 4 The Links.

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    Re: 3 GB Switch w/ GVI

    Quote Originally Posted by scope4live
    I really need a boost to hold me over between the 32bit / 63bit period...
    I'd recommend waiting long enough to get all the way to 64-bits. Don't settle for 63, JV!

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    Re: 3 GB Switch w/ GVI

    Seems you may have to patch Bidule to make it large address aware. My understanding is that this is pretty safe and just updates the header of the host exe.


    Get the patch here -

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    Thumbs up Re: 3 GB Switch w/ GVI

    Brotha' Man Jon How Are Ya' Doin',

    I agree 64bits. My iPhone technique needs a little work w/ spell checking, along w/ my eyesight.

    Your Westgate tips and Vintaudio tips are still very much appreciated.

    Brotha' Man Fizbin,

    Your tips are saving me the pain of an unecessary upgrade. I will be upgrading late December, but only a cheap fast solution for getting the most out of my loads.

    Instead of an x38, blah,blah, blah. A DFI Blood Iron / E6850. w/ 4GB's of CL3 DDRII RAM is all I need. I will get a good 2 years out of that and hopefully Creamware ( Soniccore ) will have drivers and hardware by then. If not, this DAWg will still hunt.

    I am a happy camper. But as far as the iPhone goes, that dog don't hunt. It is painfully slow when travelling, AT&T has the record for dropouts, the list is long. It's superfast GUI is of no consequence once you're in a low signal area, and the 57 second wait for a web page to load is so painfully slow. Wait for iPhone 2. If I would have applied my Intel upgrade experiences to my cell phone purchasing............................I could have been a contender.

    Thanks Gents.

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    Re: 3 GB Switch w/ GVI

    This works great, and allows much more of everything.

    I am staying w/ 32bit XP GS4 until I see some major migrations from developers to 64bit.

    Tascam seems like they are doing GS4 with proper development by addressing more memory in 32bit.

    Afterall, I have seen XP based servers addressing 8GB's and higher. Why not do this in Giga? I hope it works well. I want the 4GB Tascam Switch !!

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