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Topic: Former Linspire CEO switches to Ubuntu

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    Former Linspire CEO switches to Ubuntu

    Saw this report:


    "...Kevin Carmony, former CEO of Linux desktop distributor Linspire, publicly announced that he’s switched to Ubuntu.

    Carmony, who left Linspire in late July, announced his switch to Ubuntu in the Ubuntu Forums on Oct. 17. In his note, Carmony wrote: "Now that I'm no longer the CEO of Linspire, or under any obligation to use that particular distribution, I thought I should take some time and look around at all the distributions and decide which one was right for me and my PC. In addition to already being quite familiar with Linspire and Freespire, I also looked at Novell/SUSE, Red Hat/Fedora, PC Linux, Ubuntu, and Kubuntu."

    His decision? "Well, after all my research, I have to tell you, it was an easy choice. Ubuntu! I'm excited for the new release [Ubuntu 7.10, Gutsy Gibbon] in a few days, which I will use to replace the many Linux desktop and laptop PCs I own (five)."

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    Re: Former Linspire CEO switches to Ubuntu

    I got to know Kevin through my time in the forums during the early days of Linspire (Lindows at the time). Kevin took the healm at Linspire after Michael Robertson.

    I wish Kevin well at Ubuntu.
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