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Topic: GPO out of tune problem

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    GPO out of tune problem

    Hi all,
    This is my first post here and hope that I'll be able to get help to solve my tuning problem.
    I recently downloaded the GPO KP2 from NI and installed that on my PC which had the older GPO Kontakt player.
    What i found was that the tuning of some instruments were drifting,especially wind and brass when i loaded some 10 or more instruments.
    The specs for PC are well above the required minimum.
    The reason i upgraded to GPO KP2 was because i had this similar problem using Vstack,(the latest vesion).
    I open each instrument in each of the the 16 slots available in Vstack.
    Each kontakt had only one instrument loaded as opposed to the 8 that is available within in KONTAKT itself.
    So this is how it'll look,Vstack slot 1-flute
    Vstack slot 2-Trumpet,so on till slot 16 of Vstack.
    The tuning starts to drift when i do alot of start/stop nad rewind/foward,basically working fast on my sequencer.
    Am I doing this wrong or is there a solution to this problem?
    Thanking in advance for all the help.

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    Re: GPO out of tune problem

    Hi, Shah Tahir

    I guess I'm not quite following your question.

    You said you had a problem using Vstack, and you described how you were having to load a separate instance of Kontact for each separate instrument - ! -

    OK, but that's in the past tense--that Was your problem. Now that you have KP2, you're not using Vstack any more are you--? And you're able to load all the instruments you want, aren't you-?

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO out of tune problem

    Hi Randy,
    Thanks for the mail.
    Yes,I not using Vstack anymore.
    I have tuning drift when 12 or more instruments are loaded in KP2.

    What i meant abt the Vstack was that, i opened the older Kontakt GPO player in slot 1 of Vsatck and loaded only 1 patch;eg flutes.
    Then open again another Kontakt player in slot 2 of Vstack and loaded only 1 patch;eg brass.
    Then so on till slot 15 of Vstack,so that'll be 15 separate patch opened.
    This is when tuning start to drift.

    Hop ethis is clearer.
    shah tahir

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    Re: GPO out of tune problem

    Hello again, Shah Tahir

    Thanks for the answer. So you're describing the process that you Used to do with Vstack. But you're also saying that you still have tuning drift using KP2--However, you said that's with 12 or more instruments in an instance of KP2.

    Is there still this "tuning drift" when you use multiple KP2 instances? --I mean that if you haven't done so, you should try loading no more than 10 instruments in KP2, then start another KP2 for your next group of instruments - and so on. Have you tried that?

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO out of tune problem

    Hi Randy,

    Sorry i dont know how to load more than 1 instrument in one instance of KP2.
    I know how to in the older KP,which had 8 "slots" in one instance.
    Can you elaborate please.

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    Re: GPO out of tune problem

    Hi Randy,

    Sorry,what i meant was i don't know how to start another KP2 after loading 10 instruments in the first KP2.

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    Re: GPO out of tune problem

    Hello again, Shah

    It occurs to me I don't know what kind of host program you're using - a notation program or a DAW.

    I use Sonar, so that's my point of reference. When I have how many instruments I want in the first KP2, I simply go to Insert again, and click on Kontact 2 again - a new blank and ready instance appears, ready for me to bring in more instruments.

    The MIDI channel numbering for the second KP2 starts over again, I think you understand that? The first player has a potential of MIDI channels 1 through 16. Now in the next KP2, it uses a new set of MIDI channels, and of course so does each succeeding KP2 that you bring into your project.

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO out of tune problem

    Hi Randy,

    I'm using it as a stand alone player,I can't open it in Vstack after the KP2 upgrade.So that's another problem.

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    Re: GPO out of tune problem

    Hi, Shah

    I'm sorry but I just can't get a clear picture of what you're doing, and I still don't know what kind of host program you're using.

    Earlier you said you weren't using Vstack anymore. "...Yes,I not using Vstack anymore..." - But in this new message, you said that your problem is not being able to open KP2 in Vstack. - ??

    Doesn't having KP2, with the huge number of instruments you can load, replace your need for Vstack? I don't understand why you're not just opening KP2 in your project, loading instruments, then after 10, opening a new KP2 to add more. And that wouldn't be the stand-alone version of KP2, but the full 16 channel version. Vstack isn't needed now, is it?


    Randy B.

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