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Topic: Cello and Flute

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    Cello and Flute (Updated and fixed (maybe?))

    I finally got my copies of sib5 and gpo. I am still waiting on my new computer so I am only able to do small ensembles right now. I composed this one for a duet competition this past summer and decided against using it. I still have a little messing around to do with the dynamics, but this will work for now. Both instruments are GPO that came with SIB, versus the full GPO that I also purchased.

    Here is the MP3

    Here is an MP3 w/reverb added with Audacity and all GPO Instruments

    Any and all comments are appreciated.


    I looked and saw that I did post this once with a crappy cello and the flute from Jabb. This version is a lot better.

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    Re: Cello and Flute

    I feel like reverb would help this mucho. I think it's probaby because your computer can't handle the reverb right now?

    I don't know.

    Very Avant-garde

    Such strange harmonies.

    Hmm.... It's not really my style of music. I'm more traditional I suppose.
    Yours Truly,
    May the Fourth Be With You

    My demos:

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    Re: Cello and Flute

    Hey, Ron

    Congrats on the arrival of your software. I remember the earlier version of this - you used an ensemble Cello patch from some other source, and while it was interesting - this new rendering really does sound a lot better, as you note on your post.

    Tuba's probably right, that you're just not able to add a reverb plugin yet because you're still awaiting your computer upgrade. Reverb can be added during the rendering process though, without the computer straining to process it in real time playback.

    The pensiveness (as I hear it) of this piece comes through much more strongly in this version. There's a stark purity to the effect this music has. A late night alertness - somehow that's one impression I had.

    Thanks Ron - It's going to be interesting to follow your musical adventures with all your new toys--!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Cello and Flute

    Well, that's certainly very different! Nice to see someone being really creative and going somewhere new.

    I think I would have preferred more variety in dynamics and texture, maybe also using more of the ranges of the instruments. But perhaps that was your intention - kind of a minimalist sound.

    For me, a challenging listen, but good for me to do so. Thanks for posting this.


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    Re: Cello and Flute

    Thanks guys.

    Until I get my new computer, I can't do much more than what is there. It is supposed to be shipped out tomorrow, but it was also supposed to be shipped on the 12th. Damn Dell to hell!!!


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    Re: Cello and Flute

    I'd certainly agree some reverb would add depth and
    dimension to this, of course. Even after years of doing
    this, it still often amazes me how much of a difference
    it can make in a piece.

    Hang in there, Ron! Soon... one hopes.

    As for Dell, I don't know what's going on with them.
    At one time, they were a real pleasure to deal with;
    but the last few years they seem to have been sliding
    down hill at an ever-increasing rate.

    My best,


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    Senior Member fastlane's Avatar
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    Re: Cello and Flute

    It's always nice to hear some modern music on the forum.

    In 1997 Michael Dell said Apple should shut down and give the money back to the share holders. Times change.


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    Re: Cello and Flute

    Very interesting piece - the chromaticism is quite enticing, and it contrasts well with the more diatonic passages. Nice use of pizzicato - really well planned.

    My only criticsm is the cello sound - if you have GPO, why not use the one of the solo cellos? This one actually sounds more like one of the General Midi samples, than GPO. It also sounds like a section, and not a solo - you wanted a duet, right? Still, this shouldn't be taken as taking anything away from the piece, which I liked a lot. Two listens, and it still sounds fresh!

    All the best,
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Cello and Flute

    Hi Rollifer,

    I very much enjoyed your Flute and Cello piece. It is modern yes, but it is also lyrical and emotive (two qualites alot of modern music lacks imho). I especially like the double stops in the cello, that open up the dissonance a great deal. And there some great melodic lines.

    I had a bit of a hard time following the form. Loose form is not a bad thing, but it did seem to meander a bit. then again, maybe my ears aren't awake yet.

    Great Piece. Any opportunites for performance? I know a cellist here who is a great advocate of modern music.


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    Re: Cello and Flute


    I guess it is modern, but my roots are not. I do like a lot of dissonance though from time to time.
    Thanks for the reply.
    Maybe I should have gone with Apple!!


    I went back and changed the instruments to the full version of GPO. I love the sound of Pizz myself and use it a lot in my compositions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew S Phillips
    Hi Rollifer,

    Great Piece. Any opportunites for performance? I know a cellist here who is a great advocate of modern music.


    thanks for the reply.

    I would love to have anything of mine performed, but I know no musicians.
    I can post the score if anyone is interested. It just needs some cleaning up since it has a lot of weird stuff in it so it will play right through Sibelius.

    Thanks to all again


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