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Topic: Outstanding Classical Harmonica!

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    Outstanding Classical Harmonica!

    Outstanding classical harmonica:


    (Requires time to load.)

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Outstanding Classical Harmonica!

    Ah that's nothing, i can play all of Wagner's operas on the harmonica. Oops, i just remembered something, i can't even play the harmonica, playing those operas was just in a weird dream that i had.

    Pretty cool stuff, Larry. I love watching Gaither, the best one ever was this last weekend, but i don't think i ever saw the one with this on it.

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    Re: Outstanding Classical Harmonica!

    Wow, that was great!! I don't think I've ever heard such wonderful harmonica music... it's very nice to hear the instrument playing something besides Civil War tunes.

    Buddy Greene seems to be also a very good songwriter.
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    Woaw! That's great!

    Gave me an idea, perhaps a GPO harmonica? Man, would I write a concerto for that!
    Regards Danial Zainali
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