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Topic: Ewqlso Play

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    Ewqlso Play

    So, anybody know how this new EWQLSO PLAY version will be different in comparison to the exisisting K2 version? Besides more expensive offcourse .

    In light of the announced GOLIATH library, where they updated Colossuss with 8 GB of new stuff , it might just be logical to assume they will have some additions to EWQLSO in store for the coming upgraded version?
    Legato functions perhaps? Or A new Oboe section lol.
    Anybody know anything yet?

    Just trying to plan some investments, but it seems this new "Play" stuff is all smoke and mirrors, and oh so secretive. How about them demos already Senor Phoenix.?

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    Re: Ewqlso Play

    there are lots of demos of the Play engine for other EWQL libraries.

    the main issue is that it's 64 bit so you can use a computer with TONS of memory and load a large portion of your library all at once.

    and Nick Phoenix' products are great, IMHO
    Kind regards,


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    Re: Ewqlso Play

    For comparisons sake to PLAY- are there plans for the VSL player to go 64 bit also? ( Sorry- its my pet subject for the week )

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