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Topic: Overture to "L'Italiana in Algeri"

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    Overture to "L'Italiana in Algeri"

    Friends, please enjoy this rendering of Rossini's Overture to "L'Italiana in Algeri."


    This my the first rendering using Finale 2008 and the Kontakt2 Player.

    Jason Stewart

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    Re: Overture to "L'Italiana in Algeri"

    Hi Jason

    The posted version cuts out before the end of the piece.

    Other than that, I enjoyed listening.


    Daz :0)

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    Re: Overture to "L'Italiana in Algeri"

    Very nice rendering! It sounded quite life-like. My only quibble is that the string section sounded thin. Did you use solo strings rather than section strings? The woodwinds were excellent.
    --gary shannon
    Spooks! - The Movie

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    Re: Overture to "L'Italiana in Algeri"

    A great deal of work and quite an undertaking, Jason!
    My heavens, how long did this take you? Was this
    done in notation or sequencer?

    Very well done.

    My best,


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    Re: Overture to "L'Italiana in Algeri"

    Great to see you back here, Jason.

    It's a quite a wonderful piece of music, and your rendition is very sensitively done.

    Gary's comment about the strings I strongly concur with. It seems like you may have the full string sections waaaaay in the back, with the soloists unnaturally waaaay in the front. I'm afraid that for me, and it appears Gary also, it's spoiling the effect here to some degree. The rest of the orchestra isn't on a small scale - so there's a discrepancy in the sound.

    How about checking those levels and making some slider adjustments in either Kontact or Finale? - Unless the small sound is something you're really happy with?

    Randy B.

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    Re: Overture to "L'Italiana in Algeri"

    Boy, those dynamics are really startling in places. I guess Rossini wanted to make sure everyone was awake and alert for the show.

    Maybe it could use a little fatter string sound in places but I'm not that familiar with this.

    I thought it could possibly use a larger room reverb.

    It was well done.


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    Re: Overture to "L'Italiana in Algeri"


    I agree with everyone here....tons of work and it is a very good effort. But you need to use the section strings and not the solo strings to give it the full symphonic orchestral sound. Rossini certainly did not write this for a string quintet. Just substitute them in directly and you will be home free.



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    Re: Overture to "L'Italiana in Algeri"

    I am not familiar with this piece (that is not surprising because I am lacking in my classical music listening education) but I really liked the piece and the rendering that you did. It sounds wonderful.

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