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Topic: VSTi's......

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    In the last year I have completely dropped my GS3 DAW and turned it into a very powerful drum DAW w/ LSAD, and various libraries for percussion, and Modular synthesis kits made in Scope DSP.

    My main DAW uses 3 x Scope Pro cards, and Bidule / GVI & K2 based VSTi's.

    I have watched for years and finally decided to get K2 as I had reached a point where Gigastudio lacked developers, now I have a large pool to draw from for content.

    Since I am basing my next upgrade on proven mature hardware, I wish to make sure I can keep adding quality VSTi's to my live projects.

    I plan on using the fastest Core 2 Duo, the E6850. But I was concerned about my memory sub-system. I have a large collection of WD1500 Raptors, I am aware they are not crucial anymore, but I have used Raptors live 24/7 since the WD360G, so I am sold and will not sway.

    I am perplexed though about the RAM, and if a CL3 latency is best, or the super high end FSB speed is best. I could easily OC to achieve a fast top end, but I have had such great sucess w/ low latencies on my RAM as well as DSP cards. I have never OC'd a DAW before, but here in Las Vegas a friend who runs a video archiving facility uses Nuendo and OC's it as he claims it can use the 3GB switch, and add more VSTi's.

    I would like to follow that train of thought, but I don't run RAID 3, and have no need to do A/V work with this particular DAW.

    I would like to add more content, along with the 3GB LAA trick, but since I have gone to a VST shell for a host, I am not sure about the way I will implement my RAM timings.

    Any tips would be appreciated, as I will upgrade from my current stock DP965LT / E6700 DAW, to a P35 based E6850 in late December.

    Thanks for any tips concerning this matter,

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    Re: VSTi's......

    I wish I could help but can't really. All your input and advice deserves multiple replies, hope you get your answers........
    2 X Intel i7 920 sys. 12 gigs Ram. XP & Win 7 64
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    Re: VSTi's......

    Thanks, I Did.

    I went to a DAW builder, benchmarking forum.

    NS is a great forum for sharing experiences with members and developers.

    I found the answers I needed here.....http://www.dawbench.vze.com/

    It helps when the benchmarks are done on apps which spawn multiple threads. It seems as though even that four cores can be used, a faster OC'd Core 2 Duo, w/ optimised timings gets more VSTi's.

    I also learned that I am getting Forte. I was unaware of how powerful this would be live w/ VSTi's and Scope DSP devices.

    If a DAW works live w/o problems, that's the real test. Just like Broadway Theatre, you either sucseed, or fail.

    GVI, K2, Scope DSP cards and Bidule have never failed me.

    I hope Scope / Forte / GVI and K2 engine based VSTi's do the same.

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    Re: VSTi's......

    can you elaborate on how you use scope with K2 and forte?? I am considering the same combination.

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    Re: VSTi's......

    I'm still in alpha w/ it.

    I'll let you know when I have it up and running 100% stable.

    I have used Scope DSP based Gigastudio DAW's for years w/ zero crashes onstage. It is a remarkable, but old design. The Scope synths, effects, and mixers are all custom made and have no VST equals. But the VSTi's that I have used in the last 1 1/2 years have also been stable. GVI is the app that turned me around.

    Since sample based VSTi's have equal fidelity with Gigastudio, I decided to take the plunge, and now have a VST based live rig using the 3 x Scope 15 DSP chip cards. It is basically a recording studio that I use live. I route external hardware analog synths and 2 x Lexicon PCM91, and PCM81 hardware effects as well. I can't use VSTi synths yet, as the claims of their quality is false IMHO, but the sample based VSTi's have given me the content I was missing. Scarbee and other great developers left Giga, and I stubbornly stayed loyal. But once I saw how great GVI worked live I suddenly jumped on the VSTi boat, and plan on using more. This gives me my dream rig. A hybrid hardware / software performance DAW.

    Forte seems to take advantage of live performing, so I had to get it.

    I am playing with it right now, and so far everything works as advertised.

    I just can't stop using Bidule until I feel that I have Forte stable, and well learned.

    Many VSTi's just don't seem designed for live though, except for GVI / Muse / American Zither/ Scarbee Vintage, and GigaViolin. I guess that when a developer programs his app using the DEF / iMIDI performance features, they can have more variations w/o the gigantic size which sometimes just don't jive with live.

    I plan on buying some more VSTi's like Chris Hein Horns.

    I wanted Broadway Big Band as it sounds awesome, but it's a perfect example of the kind of VSTi that won't cut the mustard live.

    Hopefully developers will think of the live guys next year, as I have money to burn. But refuse to buy an instrument that requires many takes to sound authentic.

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