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Topic: Urgently need opera singers for commercial

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    Urgently need opera singers for commercial

    The musician searcher is at it again....

    This time looking for male and female opera singer, ideally tenor and soprano but alto or bass could do. It is for a high profile commercial due on Tuesday. the voices will be blended with sampled choir to create a massive choir effect. As my other adds here, you must be able to record it on your computer and send me the audio file. Ideally a pair of singers that know each other would be the best, they can even record together. The piece will be in this style, the champions team anthem:


    I pay $150.00 each person, it won't be more more difficult than this example,
    if you're good, it's easy work, not more than 2-3 hours as long as you're set up for recording.

    This must be done Sunday or Monday at the latest.

    Contact me at: gbacos@sympatico.ca

    Thanks for your time,

    Guy Bacos

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    Re: Urgently need opera singers for commercial

    Uh - location?

    Work remotely?
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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