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Topic: Invasion of the Universe 1st Movement

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    Invasion of the Universe 1st Movement

    This will be my first ever post of a symphonic work here. This is based on universes colliding, however big they may be. I have already completed the next 2 movements and am working on the 4th and final. All the instruments are GPO. This was composed in Sibelius and a wav file was taken from there and then I used Reaper to add some reverb. This is the first time I have used Reaper as well, so I am learning that as well.

    Comments are much appreciated as well as suggestions, criticisms and insults.

    Here is the Mp3


    Here is the Mp3 for the 2nd Movement



    The 3rd movement is my favorite so far, but I have yet to put it into GPO. Hopefully soon.

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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 1st Movement

    I am listening to your work as I write........I think you have done very well.........I really like the way you run the edges of tonality. especially with the clarinets in the beginging.... for your first work this is a very large undertaking....I cannot wait to hear the other movements

    three year old E machine
    GPO Sibelius Edition (now Liberated!)
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    Not a lick of sense!

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    Cool Re: Invasion of the Universe 1st Movement

    Nice use of dissonance, I enjoyed the dimished chord structure and especially the pizz and its transition to flute consonance. More percussion or percussive use of winds and\or strings would make the collisions more than glancing blows for me as well as descending chromaticisms resolving to explosive brass figures would also make me as a listener duck more often. I look forward to the remaining movements. Thanks for posting this.

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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 1st Movement

    Gosh, Ron, maybe I'm having a bad ear day, or I don't
    understand your aesthetic in this... but it sounds very,
    very dry, to me.

    For the heck of it, I downloaded this, here, popped it
    open in my audio editor, and added some plain old
    Ambience to it. My, what a difference! It really
    springs to life.

    Now, I'm the first to respect caution and care in the
    careful avoidance of too much reverb -- it's the
    singlemost common mistake, and I've done it myself
    all too often.

    But in a piece like this, especially, with such a grand
    vision at the root of it, such a magnificent concept --
    I think I'd like to hear much more space around it.

    All my best,


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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 1st Movement

    Ron, what with the tantalizing posts of music you've sprinkled over the Forum the last several months, like benignly alien seeds finding rich soil to grow in - I've really been looking forward to your first symphonic piece, ever since you first mentioned that you indeed work In Large as well as in miniature.

    "Invasion" is an exciting piece that really grips me. The text you included in your post certainly set the stage well for the listening experience, but in a totally different area of reference - I got a distinct and delicious hit at times of some of the great, dramatic film scores of the 1950's, like the one for "Rebel Without a Cause."

    I want to second John "taylorchandler's" suggestion that percussion be added to this. I think at times people may worry that orchestral percussion can too quickly become either pretentious, bombastic, or cliche - But regardless of worries, the percussion section can be an invaluable section of the pit. I would love to hear your universes colliding as emphasized with some well chosen percussion.

    And I know you used Reaper to add some reverb, but here I am, Mr. Dry, saying that I feel you need MUch more on this. It's outer space after all - but the piece is so grand and--well, SYmphonic, that it just screams for a larger venue being more in evidence.

    Why not use the convolutions available in KP2, so you could render an excellent reverb right there in Sibelius?

    WOnderful stuff--Congrats, buddy!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 1st Movement

    Have I listened to this before? Sounds familiar ...

    Did you get the new computer yet?

    GPO does a composition good.

    Again, wonderful work Ron.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 1st Movement

    Nice balance between tonal and atonal, expected and unexpected. I look forward to the rest of the movements. (FWIW: I agree it needs more space around it.) I especially like the subtle way your recapitulated the opening theme near the end. It binds the whole piece together.
    --gary shannon
    Spooks! - The Movie

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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 1st Movement

    Thanks to all!!!

    I really want it to sound fuller, but all the instruments in K2 have no button for reverb. I don't understand this. The instruments that sib has from Garritan have a button for reverb but the full version of gpo instruments do not. So I have to add reverb from an outside source. I am trying to find the best way with reaper, but am having little success so far. When I increase the size of the room, some of the instruments are starting to sound tinny. I keep playing with the sounds in Reaper and hopefully will find out how to do this. I have never worked with a DAW/sequencer whatever it is before, so I really do not know what I am doing. It has been hard enough to do this since the computer I am using was made when dinosaurs walked the earth. My new one was shipped yesterday so sometime next week I will have a dual core with 3.0 chips and 4 gigs ram and a decent asio sound card.

    Due to the limitations of this computer, I have always kept things to minimum. This is why there is no percussion. Once you hear the second one which I will add to the original post, I think you might understand why there really is no percussion as well. It has always been my intent to add some percussion to this to emphasize certain areas, and with the new computer I will be able to.

    I know thqat it is possible to make these sound like a full sounding orchestra, I am a bit perturbed that I haven't done it yet. Maybe and I am thinking about this anyway, if I get Sonar Home studio, I might have better luck. All the reverbs I have tried so far in Reaper just seem to distort too much. Or, more likely the case, I just don't know what I am doing.

    Thanks again to all

    One last thing.


    I have posted this before in another forum without the GPO. There was a guy there who said the same thing about fitting this into an older movie. Interesting....


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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 1st Movement

    Did you try "ReaVerb (Cockos)" with an impulse file to get reverb from real acoustic spaces? Check section 9.7 in the Reaper manual. I like to use "St. Nicholas Church", or the "Scala Milan Opera Hall" For a really big space sound you might even try "Parking Garage".

    The impulse files need to be downloaded separately, but the manual (sect. 9.7) explains how and gives you the URLs for the files.

    Be sure to adjust the gain in the reverb to keep everything below 0 dB, otherwise it will distort. You can play with the wet/dry balance to get the sound you want, just keep a close eye on the Q meters and be sure they never go into the positive (red) zone. If they do, adjust master gain down by the same amount it went over zero, then subtract half a dB further down to allow for rounding errors when you export to MP3. That should eliminate any distortion.
    --gary shannon
    Spooks! - The Movie

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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 1st Movement


    Thanks for the info. I haven't gotten that far yet in the manuel. I will check it out now.

    Thanks again

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