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Topic: My Mac Mini Has Left Me

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    My Mac Mini Has Left Me

    Hi everyone,this my first post even if I have been around for 5 months.I have a mac mini intel but last night I had a very major problem that I can`t even reinstall my mac osx installation disk.So had to reformat it ,but even that did not help.So I have to go to a tech shop.Since I have to install the GPO and Jabb again and I am on an intel mac do I have to install the orginal dvds and update afterwards or can I just download the kp2 update?Any input would be great.


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    Re: My Mac Mini Has Left Me

    Hi burak,

    Sorry to hear about the computer. Unless you have a backup made of your system, the necessary sample files for GPO/JABB will have been removed during the reformat and you will need to reinstall them from the original DVD media. Once this is completed, run the NI Service center registration for both products and download and install your upgrades to KP2 so that you can use them. Because you've reformatted, you're doing a clean install just as you did the first time.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: My Mac Mini Has Left Me

    thank you very much Reegs.The application hard drive is gone ,but my samples harddrive is working.Can I skip the istallattion of the sounds or I`d better do it from scratch.


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