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Topic: KP2 Shortened notes after a while

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    KP2 Shortened notes after a while

    a most unusual problem with KP2.2.3.003 on Windows XPSP2.

    After an hour or so it starts 'shortening' notes. The effect is as though the note times have become shortened in the notation/sequencer. Or alternatively, as though note off events are being sent early.

    A reboot always fixes the problem. Thus, I can be working on a score and after an hour or so the effect manifests itself. If I do nothing except reboot the machine and reload the project the problem takes another hour or so to appear.

    System specs: Athlon 64X2, 2 Gig RAM, 160 GIG Raid 0 hard disk. On board Realtek Sound through ASIO4ALL Plenty of free disk space (>80 gigs). Task manager shows 1.15 Gigs of committed memory.

    Disabling ASIO4ALL has no effect (either when the problem appears or disabling it before reboot and waiting/working for an hour or so).

    Problem did not appear at all when using KP1.

    Problem is independent of MIDI event source - shows up with Overture or with Sonar 6. Also shows up when playing chords through external MIDI keyboard.

    Problem does seem to be related to number of events; ie, the more instruments playing simultaneously the more apparent it is. Solos don't seem to be affected at all.

    I load four instances of KP2, one each for Winds, Brass, Percussion and Strings. It doesn't matter which instance, they all shorten notes once the problem kicks in.

    I've resisted the temptation to play with, for instance, the DFD settings.

    [added info]Realtime playback in Sonar, once the problem appears, also shows the problem but bouncing to an audio track gives correct results.[/added info]

    Anyone have any ideas???


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    Re: KP2 Shortened notes after a while

    I run into this issue if I have 2 songs open in Sonar at the same time. After a short while the notes start cutting out after a second or two. As long as only one song is open, then I never have the issue. I fix the problem by closing Sonar and then reloading it.


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    Re: KP2 Shortened notes after a while

    That's not it Jim - but a nice try :-)

    It happens with a single piece loaded into Overture or Sonar.


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    Re: KP2 Shortened notes after a while

    Update: The problem goes away if you switch KP2 to 'Offline/Bounce Mode' on the Engine Tab. The setting doesn't stick across project reloads but it's still faster than rebooting.

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