I am student in electronics and plan to desgin a stand alone MIDI Processor. I would like to know if the following desgin would make sense:

- I want to use up to 4 Keyboards on stage.
- Steinberg's V-Stack

- using VSTs live in a easy way

At many keyboards it's difficult to change MIDI-Channels fast. But if you use V-Stack or forte you choose VSTs via the MIDI-Channel. So I plan to design a device that changes MIDI-Messages coming from the keyboard, so you can change MIDI-Channels quickly for each of the keyboards.
BUT: Are there keyboards alreay available where you can change channels very fast?

- The device has 3x 16 buttons for the first a Roland RD700 (upper 1, upper 2, lower)
- 2x 16 buttons for the other three keyboards (upper 1, upper 2)
- you can choose which the MIDI-Output for each MIDI-Channel

You can steer with device for each Keyboard:
- Octave-Transpose
- semitone-Transpose
- MIDI-Volume

What do you think about this? It's to be fast and flexible on stage. All VST are always loaded. You only switch channels. Or does brainspawn forte offer better ways to switcg between loaded VSTs?