Here are two short clips (around 2 minutes or less, each) of an idea I had:

The idea is that you listen and answer a few questions:

1. Do you feel these 2 tracks are different in some ways?
2. Do you feel that there is a change of dynamics and general tention?
3. Would you be interested in having a small software which would allow you to guide, somewhat the music you listen, real time, so as to be able to produce yourself such results as the above? Controls would be the easiest possible, and not aimed at musicians only.
4. Any comments are most welcome.

To explain a bit. These are messed up clips from a track that was posted a while back, in the garritan forums, called "intmusic1". The edits (the 2 variations that is, that are posted here), were done in literally 10 minutes, to try out this whole idea. In the program of course the edits will be of course, much more ellaborate.

Thank you for your time,