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Topic: running soundlibs from external storage devices

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    running soundlibs from external storage devices

    Hey, im about to get a new DAW setup, but before making any orders, i wanted to ask the good folks in here, what is the best way to go in regards to running HUGE sound libs from external disks are.

    Is it comparable in terms of speed and capacity to connect a external drive to that of an internal one?
    If so, what protocoll do u use, firewire800 or eSata?
    So should i go for 2 internal 1TB drives, OR 2 internal 500GB`s and one external 1 tb drive?

    Id prefer to have 3 seperate disks, one for system, one for audio, and one (external) for sample streaming, but that would only be a good solution if the external drives are equal in speed and capacity.

    Anyone like to share their experience, and possibly even a external disk recomandation?

    Also, one quick additional question, can one create a dual boot at later stage, cause ill get windows vista 64 bit at some point, but for now i wanna stick with xp 32 bit until Vista is more settled.

    Thanx, all input is appriciated.

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    Re: running soundlibs from external storage devices

    I've been doing it for years, works fine... No problems

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    Re: running soundlibs from external storage devices

    It is no problem if you are using FireWire, either 400 or 800. The benefits of separating the recording, sample streaming, video streaming, and boot drives seem to outweigh the speed disadvantage of external drives.

    I scored plenty of TV and movies with external drives.
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    Re: running soundlibs from external storage devices

    I'm just weighing in with recommendations for brand.

    I have had great pleasure using drives from OWC.

    I have used both bus-powered Firewire 400 and 800 drives. I use them for storing relatively large sample libraries (EWQLSO Gold XP and Kontakt 3 library for instance). Very reliable, very stable. These are typically lower storage capacities, but for me using a laptop and needing mobility and reliability, it's a good tradeoff. I use the 7200 RPM drive.

    I have a friend in the office who uses a Mercury Elite external drive, eSATA I think, and he's very pleased with it. He uses it for video work.
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