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Topic: Sharing exciting news

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    Sharing exciting news

    I would like to share my exciting news with you here on the forum.

    Thanks to Gary's wonderful forum and GPO, my little flute sonata which I posted some months ago here in the listening room is now published. It is published by the same publisher that also publishes Joe Cavanagh's wonderful flute sonata. I feel indeed honored by that.

    After many months of hard work getting the score perfected, I received my own copy from the publisher in the post today, and I am completely thrilled. It may be a small step in the larger picture things, but for me it is a huge step forward for my music.

    I thank everyone here who helped me by just listening and commenting on my music. I feel honored to be in your company. Merci mille fois !
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: Sharing exciting news

    Congratulations. I hope this bring you more success with your music.
    Anthony Abruscato

    "There are only two types of music: Love Songs and Pirate Music"

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    Re: Sharing exciting news


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    Re: Sharing exciting news

    Fantastic! Congratulations!
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

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    Re: Sharing exciting news

    Mes félicitations, Louis,
    Tu mérite le succès!



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    Re: Sharing exciting news

    C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !


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    Re: Sharing exciting news

    Louis, my friend, this is wonderful news!

    I am absolutley thrilled for you!


    And many, many more, I am sure, Louis!

    With best regards,


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    Re: Sharing exciting news

    Congratulations! What is the company and where do they distribute?

    I'll plug it (and Joe's) to all of my flautist friends.


    P.S. Did you manage to retain any of the rights to the piece?

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    Re: Sharing exciting news


    This is great news! Any typos?


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    Re: Sharing exciting news


    I am very happy for your success.............congratulations........I wish for you much more success in the future...........

    YOU GO BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

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