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Topic: GPO K2.2.3 update

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    GPO K2.2.3 update

    I just downloaded the GPO K2.2.3 update from NI and installed it. The GPO icon in the K2 player displays a generic blue & white instead of the more colorful Garritan logo. Functionality appears to be OK. Any explanations for this? Do I attempt to fix it or learrn to live with it?

    Thanks for replies.


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    Re: GPO K2.2.3 update

    Skins disappearing is attributed to a bug in KP2. (and Kontakt 2 and Kontakt 3)

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    Re: GPO K2.2.3 update

    I upgraded to KP2 for use with my GPO/Overture 4. When I try to load an instrument, I get an error saying "Samples have been updated by a newer version of Kontakt Player. Please upgrade to newer version." I thought I did. I also tried running GPO KP2 as a standalone with Maple MIDI and still get nothing. I went back to GPO and now everything's fine. What did I do wrong?
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    Re: GPO K2.2.3 update

    gfoss, as Reegs replied, it's a known bug in all Kontact versions. But I'm pretty sure I saw a post awhile back saying that it's correctable - My music computer is tied up with a huge rendering job, so I can't stop and check on this. But I think the proper skins can be re-loaded in Kontact by re-directing it to their location. Poke around, you might find what I'm talking about. I was lucky and didn't have to deal with this problem - my KP2 has worked perfectly in every respect since day one.

    dudefromthebronx, sounds like you haven't registered GPO at the Native Instrument site. That updates the library which is compatible with KP2. You still have the old GPO which won't work.

    It's such a convoluted blankety blank routine, dealing with NI's odd update routines - But to get started, at least go there and using the email address they know you by, see if you can find what you need in their so-called "Service Center." - I know that's a bit vague - but that will at least get you started, and with some perseverance you may fix things. There are a lot of posts re: this issue on the Forums.

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO K2.2.3 update

    I'm sorry, but I tried everything get KP2 to work. I'm going back to GPO v1.1.8.3 for now. Sometimes I can get it to play in Overture 4, but when I use the Vlns 1 KS, it won't switch from pizzacato back to arco. Maybe someone will write a tutorial for it.

    BTW, I noticed NI has an update(GPO v1.1.8.4). It's for Finale, but are there any improvements in it that'll work for OV4?
    "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." -Steven Wright, comedian

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