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Topic: Island Life

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    Island Life

    My wife and I were on Lummi Island during the past few days.


    We can highly(!) recommend the Willows Inn

    And, best of all, you can wave to Gary on Orcas Island from there:

    Hi Gary!


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    Re: Island Life

    Hi Jon,

    You're only one island away from us and a nice view of Orcas Island from where you are at. Hope you and your wife are having a wonderful time on Lummi Island.



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    Re: Island Life

    Hi Gary,

    We're back to reality now. And we will definitely be returning to the San Juans. Quite the laid back lifestyle.

    My wife wrote a blog about the experience.

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    Re: Island Life

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    WASHINGTON!? Why not So. OREGON!? (Inside joke! )
    Hi Ern,

    It was so we would visit our son across the Bellingham Straight at WWU (and so we could wave across the Rosario Straight at Gary!)

    We'll visit Southern Oregon in the summer - when we need a break from said son and his siblings.

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