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Topic: Canadian song- EH!!!

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    Canadian song- EH!!!

    This is a song that forms part of a story that I am writing. Here a refugee is overjoyed to be granted into Canada. Later in the story, reality hits and optimism fades. Would love feedback on writing and production:
    Song is From Now on @


    Also song uses JABB and Stravari violin. This is my first attemp with Stradivari and would love some tips on adding realism as it still sounds a little midi.

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    Re: Canadian song- EH!!!


    Very nice writing and performance. Doesn't sound midi to me at all. Well done!!!



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    Re: Canadian song- EH!!!

    Well, I like the production. All sounds balanced to me. I would prefer a little more of the violin (to about the same level as the vocal as it is an important member of the performance).

    The banjo sounds very good and the whole piece works well. As Gary said, it does not sound midi at all. It could have been a live performance. Well done.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: Canadian song- EH!!!

    Hi, Sunny

    That's a fun, bouncy tune ya got goin' there. Enjoyed it.

    Feedback on The Strad--You need to know that it doesn't sound "MIDI" - I wonder why you think that? However, here are some things to do more with which might make you a bit happier with the violin's line in this:

    --The velocities seem rather constantly the same. You understand that the attack on The Strad gets very aggressive when the velocity is even semi-high. You can go in and edit the velocity note-on values way low for a smoother attack on some notes.

    --It sounds like you've used some after touch for vibrato, but I think it could be much heavier. You don't want it on the shorter notes, but sprinkled throughout the violin's brief line in this song, there are a few chances for deeper vibrato.

    --Use the pitch bend wheel to scoop just slightly into the beginnings of phrases. This has to be done subtly, but can add a lot of realism.

    Thanks for the posting!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Canadian song- EH!!!

    Sunny, It's a very catchy tune! To me it didn't sound too synthetic, i thought it sounded very real.


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    Re: Canadian song- EH!!!

    Thanks to everyone. I have been working on this song for some time and have lost objectivity on the violin. Not being a huge violin expert, I was not sure whether it was midi. That said- Stradivari is an incredible piece of software (instrument) and will serve me well in the future.

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    Re: Canadian song- EH!!!

    Canadian? Eh? Most certainly not... lol. These days
    we call this World Music (Northern Variety).

    Sunny, this isn't the musical ground I generally walk
    much, eh, but... I thought you did a solid job on production
    on this. I think maybe I would bring the instrumentation
    in general up just slightly higher behind the vocal -- not
    much, though.

    Nice job on this. If you didn't come out and tell me this
    was electronic, I'd have to listen twice and pay attention...
    which is the mark of real skill with these tools.

    My best,


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    Re: Canadian song- EH!!!

    Well, that was certainly fun! Nicely crafted.

    To me, the only thing that sounds a bit Midi is the drums. They are very even and repetitive - maybe some variation in rhythm and dynamics would help that? But then I'm not a drummer and always struggle with trying to make it realistic myself.

    Excellent job!

    (Do Canadians REALLY say Eh a lot? Or is just a myth? - just like Brits say "I say old chap" before every sentence!)


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    Re: Canadian song- EH!!!

    Well done. Very catchy tune.

    What a fun piece!


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    Re: Canadian song- EH!!!

    One final remix. For those who have helped me along with this- many, many thanks. I have worked on the following:
    - cleaned up cymbals
    - eq'ed to help elements sit better in the mix
    - bought clarity to the mix by using less reverb and also mixing in some delay instead.
    - bought some dynamics to the mix by riding faders a little more.
    - Used a little more compression overall.
    - Bought separation between backing vox and lead vox.
    That is it. Must move on to the next song. Once more many thanks to all.
    Any comments and thoughts welcome as ever.


    PS- we say Eh a lot!

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