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Topic: basic GPO manual

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    basic GPO manual

    where do I go to get basic GPO training, as in, start from square one (I'm using GPO as a plug-in with Garage Band), so as to become acquainted with all my options, e.g., cc64 legato, etc.

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    Re: basic GPO manual

    Hi, Emily - Looks like I'm following you around the Forums!

    Where do you find the basic from-square-one info on GPO? - In the manual that comes with a bonafide copy of the library. Hard copy with charts and explanations of everything. Don't leave home without it.

    And there's a PDF copy of the manual in the GPO folder on your 'puter.

    Randy B.

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    Re: basic GPO manual

    You can also find tutorials and other helpful links on the garritan website.

    Link is here: http://www.garritan.com/tips_tutorials.html


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    Re: basic GPO manual

    On a Mac, it's in the GPO folder that is located in "Applications."

    On a Windows PC, it's in the GPO folder that is located in "Program Files," and you use the "Windows Explorer" that is in the menu "Accessories" to navigate to the "Program Files."

    On either Mac or Windows, i would save a copy of it to your desktop, so you don't have to go more than one click to get it each time.

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    Re: basic GPO manual

    dude you are off the chain man....I love your humor!!!
    three year old E machine
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    Not a lick of sense!

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