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Topic: Apogee Duet

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    Apogee Duet

    Saw this on the sweetwater catalogue today. Considering getting it as an interface for my macbook pro...

    Has Anyone used this yet?
    Any other opinions?

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    Re: Apogee Duet

    Just started using mine in my home composing setup day before yesterday. Beautiful design. Flawless installation. Superb sound. What's not to like?

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    Re: Apogee Duet

    it's not far off rosetta, which i also have.
    less do-dads, but i never used them anyway.
    you can trust apogee for excellent sound/function.

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    Re: Apogee Duet

    Its supposed to have the same converters and preamps as the Ensemble, which is a very nice unit.

    Here's a link to a huge discussion about the Duet, started by Max from Apogee:

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    Re: Apogee Duet

    Kind of expensive for a stereo IO...

    - G

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    Re: Apogee Duet

    >>Kind of expensive for a stereo IO...

    Well, it seems rather to have high quality converters, great integration (driver and design) - so it might not be too expensive.

    ok, for the same price one gets a saffire or a firebox or something - but they look like **** and the converters are not that great.

    for more you get more comparable quality (RME) but it also looks like ****.

    So depends on your needs.


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    Re: Apogee Duet

    Also, the mic pres are the same as in the Ensemble, nothing to sneeze at.
    Composer, Logic Certified Trainer, Level 2,
    author of "Going Pro with Logic Pro 9."


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    Re: Apogee Duet

    I'm familiar with the mic pres, and you're going to be hard pressed to find two pres of this quality for $500 (let alone the i/o).

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    Re: Apogee Duet

    Well, I paid $1650US for one stereo A/D Lavry converter, so $495 looks preety cheap to me! Still, best money I've ever spent.

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