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Topic: CD production - Symphonic Poem

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    CD production - Symphonic Poem

    Hi Folks,

    I need some help. My plans: make a CD/DVD of The Hague, to be released somewhere next year. The music is almost ready. I asked a poet to assist me in writing a poem along the music I wrote. I must look for a photographer to get me the sustaining pictures.

    All I can do is the music. You can hear it, following the link below (Orchestral Pieces - symphonic Poem about The Hague). The 4th part is almost ready for rendering. But what to do quality-wise? I know there is a lot to do? But how, what, with what, can I improve the sound to get nearer to a professional performance (except having it performed by our local orchestra).

    This (video)CD/DVD will be presented "in the world of highly skilled amateurs", via the local library, if possible. These are only plans, but to make it work I have to lift it to a professional level.

    So, your advices are very, very welcome.


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    Re: CD production - Symphonic Poem

    Hi Raymond,

    I think the best way will be to bring your music to a mastering-studio.

    They have so many stuff and can make your music sounding best.

    My tip: Do not use too much equalizing, reverb... and so on. The best way is when you let them have your subgrouptracks without any reverb and compression, so they can use their high-quality-Plugins and hardware... .


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    Re: CD production - Symphonic Poem

    Don't have the money for this.
    Anyhow, thanks for suggesting.

    I thought I would have get some answers like:

    review the placing of the instruments
    get a better reverb
    your first violins need portamento or pitchbends, etc....


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    Re: CD production - Symphonic Poem

    I would check with Dan Kury (DPDan), his price may be more resonable than you expect, or at least you could get his advise.

    I think this is great that you are doing this, and your music The Hague deserves the time and effort you are giving it. If i were in The Hague, i would take some still photos for you. Looking forward to seeing and hearing the project when you have completed it.


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