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Topic: Reverb Virsyn Reflect

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    Reverb Virsyn Reflect

    Has anyone tested this reverb?


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    Re: Reverb Virsyn Reflect


    I tried it and bought it. think it is very transparent - excellent for small, intimate sound, plates are nice too. the bigger stuff is - well, I liked it on some material on others it was too neutral from my taste - there I preferred MasterVerb ....
    And CPU consumption is ok (not super efficient but reasoably efficient)

    I really did not want to buy another 'boring' stereo-only reverb (things that got used in the last century or so), but, well, a good stereo reverb is ....

    compared it too some others (AAR and CSR) and this was the most inexpensive and too my ears the most neutral one. together with my Masterverb (which is has more colour) I think it is a good combination.

    hope that helps


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    Re: Reverb Virsyn Reflect

    It seems you need the dongle to run the demo. So no luck trying it out.


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