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Topic: Invasion of the Universe 3rd Movement (my Fav)

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    Invasion of the Universe 3rd Movement (my Fav)

    I think I am getting better at using all of my new toys. They don't all work yet, but they are getting closer.

    This is the 3rd movement to a symphonic work called Invasion of the Universe. Or it could be called When universes collide, whether they be large or small.

    All the instruments are GPO

    Here is the newest to be posted (although I composed it at the beginning of sept.) The 3rd Movement which is my favorite so far.


    Here is the first Movement (Remixed)


    And the second movement (also remixed)


    Any and all comments, insults and criticisms are welcomed and appreciated.


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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 3rd Movement (my Fav)

    My favorite thus far, as well... and Ron, you're
    definitely making strides in the rendering.

    The movement itself collides well with the previous
    two; especially with the almost dance-like quality
    settng it off.

    Some nice writing in this; and I think you're
    starting to come 'round the bend with many of the
    all-important subtleties of "conducting" a piece
    like this... especially managing tempo just right,
    which can really make or break a piece like this.

    Keep it coming... looking forward to number four?

    All my best,


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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 3rd Movement (my Fav)

    Hey Ron,
    LOL, "insults" I don't think those are such a reality here on this forum.

    The GPO rendering is so much better; I am hearing alot more articulations and clearity of writing especiallty in the strings. Your winds have a softer and smooth feel now being all GPO.

    It's just going to keep getting better from here.

    Here are my comments on movements 1-3 from YC:

    Mvt. #3

    You sure work fast!
    Enjoyed the opening with the playful pizzicato strings and the ever increasing "doom" of orchestral dissonance! The pause in the mid section was very effective while the piece began to slowly grow again bringing the disturbing and intrusive full force of the invasion to fruition!
    Absolutely excellent!

    Mvt. #1

    ... Definitely hear more sectional clarity. Your main theme in this work is outstanding! It fits perfectly into the "universe" context of the piece - so wondrous, mysterious and yet beautiful. As it, the main theme, comes back into focus during the end, after the transitional chords, it feels like an old familiar friend that makes you comfortably smile.

    Mvt. #2

    I'm really starting to admire your themes in this one; especially the "da-da- da____" , "da-da- da____" "da-da- da____" , motif. (Did that make sense?) I looked at your score and, in general, looks very clean with nice articulations. As I looked at your score I noticed how rhythmically vertically aligned everything is. Which is not bad by any means just reminds me of your mathematical mind. As I wrote you earlier about the triplets, triplet quarters, and dotted rhythms, and ties, help to blur this type of compositional architecture.
    Anywho, great work again Ron! I'm honestly appreciating your writing.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 3rd Movement (my Fav)

    I think my favorite as well. Nice job.

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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 3rd Movement (my Fav)

    Hi Ron.

    This time I chose to just insult you:

    You are awful!
    You know ~~~~e!
    you don't know any music!
    What do you mean invasion of the universe huh? You are NOT a creationist?
    Toys? What toys? You mean GPO and sib 5? these are amazing stuff!
    You are an awful ugly person
    In addition you smell!


    Of course, everyone should know that none of the above are true! I've heard some GREAT stuff from Ron, and it amazes me everytime, that he actually has no solid musical knowledge, but as I've told him, it doesn't matter really. His music IS coherent and is something that matters a lot!

    In short, Ron, keep it up, you are making progress daily, and for a full time student at the age of 49 (or is 51?) this is simply a miracle!

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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 3rd Movement (my Fav)

    Hey Ron, I like the sound spread on this. It is very effective. By the way, I think nikolas is right. You do smell. (lol). I enjoyed your piece.

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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 3rd Movement (my Fav)

    Hey Ron, just wanted to add that you might want to show your older, non- GPO versions, of these works for comparison.?? The GPO does a really wonderful job. Of course it wouldn't do anything without it's master.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 3rd Movement (my Fav)

    Hi, Ron - I hope you know I always look forward to hearing what new is coming from that fertile imagination of yours.

    Oh yeah - You are indeed mastering your "toys" - And I'll join you in voting for this as Fave piece thus far from you here.

    Juicy! --How's that for an adjective. It seems right.

    Really nice work my pal. It keeps me on my toes, this piece--and that's a very good thing.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 3rd Movement (my Fav)

    First I want to apologize for my smell.

    I know that technology is ever expanding, but maybe they have gone too far with internet smell capability.

    Next I want to thank you all listening and commenting, it means alot to have a group of such talented people in their own right take the time to listen.

    Thanks again


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    Re: Invasion of the Universe 3rd Movement (my Fav)

    Hi Ron,

    I thought that smell was me!

    It is great to watch the rendering skills developing.

    It will be interesting to see where this goes next.

    Thanks for sharing.

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