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Topic: Forte Is Way Cool

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    Thumbs up Forte Is Way Cool

    I have had GVI for quite some time, and was using Bidule. But I wanted to try Forte so I went and bought it. It's not going on stage with me until it's mastered, and Bidule has been so good to me, I feel guilty. However we shall see which app. prevails.

    I noticed something I never saw before in GVI since using Forte. The yellow MIDI activity lights by each instrument channel always flicker when there's something happening. But with Forte I noticed that some channels were hanging on to the light a little longer, even though there's no activity? Then it dawned on me. It was a heads up on a stuck note approaching. Very Unique.

    This is partly because I have always had a hardware panic button attached to a footswitch since I rarely play w/ one hand. I achieved this through the 1U MIDI Solutions FP8. I have 4 x expression pedals, 2 x sustain, and 2 x footswitch's, a Doepfer Pocket Fader, Lexicon MRC, Oberheim EDP pedal board, and an ancient Kurzweil Expressionmate Ribbon Controller.

    Anyway,..Forte allows this trick via software, so I tried it. That's when I realized the little LED's were giving me a heads up. Stuck notes are a reality when you have as much gear as I do. I have MIDI Filters on my MX8 patchbay as well, and doubled up in Scope DSP cards also. Nothing ever gets through, and when it does, I clip it's booty immediately.

    But Forte gives you a heads up somehow? I can glance over and see them. Actually, w/ a panic button pedal, it's wise to hit it whenever you have a free foot, as it will retrigger all MIDI to clear the pipes before a note gets stuck. Very Cool Indeed.

    I could care less why, but this app has some many tricks for automation, and live performance, it makes your head spin. Anyone playing live needs this app.

    It also supports LAA 3GB Switch. I think they got everything covered from where I stand.

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    Re: Forte Is Way Cool

    I was considering Forte when I bought Vienna Instrument’s Appashionata Strings. I thought I’d hose Giga Studio and run all my VSTs on my Giga Computer. Now I’m thinking of using Giga 4 if you can actually run VSTs within/beside Giga. Tell me whether you have Forte running on a machine without any DAW software. Is it just a VST host without being a sequencer/DAW program?

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    Re: Forte Is Way Cool

    I use Bidule right now, but decided to try Forte also.

    I'm still debating, re-doing projects, and saving as I go along. If it works when I'm finished tranferring everything, I will try it live, of course w/ my Bidule projects ready to go in case.

    I use them w/o any sequencer. I play live, but record w/ Scope and hardware consoles. I tried Cubase 4 and can't stand the problems and hassle, but will eventually ditch the hardware sequencers so I can have that smooth workflow everyone raves about. But I already have a smooth workflow, w/ better sounding results. But to sync to tape for the sake of recording vocals is where I lose workflow. Hence the need for a sequencer app. I am even considering a small developer where I can get some support, since Steinberg's customer support is a contradiction in terms. I do not need all of the bells and whistle's like quantized grooves, etc. I can follow a click, I been chasing metronomes for decades, a click is easy. I even hate the sound of the Cubase click. How annoying !! I use a Yamaha QX-1 and after years of using that had to add some Lexicon reverb via the PFL of the Otari just to bear that sound.

    GS4 sounds really good to me, and I have tried the 3GB LAA Switch which allows way more content. After that I decided to build another DAW just for GS4, and VSTi's using Vista 64bit. I want to address 4-8GB's of RAM. As I have to believe the bottleneck is in the addressing of memory. But I still am building a DAW based on the Intel combo. As I only get one take, and Intel combo's have never crashed once on me during a performance. Several years of performances I might add.

    Download Bidule and try it with GVI based instruments. It is free for 90 days. Forte seems really good also, but the jury's still out on that one.

    Good Luck,

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    Re: Forte Is Way Cool

    Intel just released their 45nm processors:


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