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Topic: Finale 2007

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    Finale 2007

    I saw this for sale online, and I am wondering, does it work like Finale Notepad where you can point and click to put notes on the staff? I have Notepad, and I am trying to upgrade because I would like better samples, especially for strings. Does anyone know how this program works?

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    Re: Finale 2007


    Finale 2007 is millions of light years away from Notepad. (it's better that is!)

    There are numerous ways of inputing notes in Finale and the slowest is to use the mouse and point and click. There is, what is called, speedy entry, where you use the numeric keypad, along with the cursor keys, or the mouse as well, and you can use any midi instrument to add the notes as well, or record as you play, etc.

    I don't know the price you're talking about, cause Finale 2008 is now, and I would imagine that makemusic would have withdrawn any copies of 2007. 2008 seems to be much much better than 2007, with plenty of new sounds, and lovely Garritan sounds as well (which would suite your needs in strings, I reckon).

    In short Finale (and Sibelius) are 2 totally professional notation programs. Professional all the way!

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    Re: Finale 2007

    Finale release a new version everyyear. The program does almost anything you want. It is not very easy to use and learn! ( the easiest is Encore in my opinion! some say the same for Sibelius) You have to be patient! they got a great forum where you can ask questions. They tech support is not too bad.

    Make sure you have enough RAM at least 1.2 GB ( to use it w/ GPO sounds). If you want to save money and to get more sounds, buy 2008.

    Be prepared for the Midi errors, Midi in or our problems ... especially if you are running a PC!
    Chekad Sarami
    Math Professor

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    Re: Finale 2007

    I was going to mention Finale 2008, but somehow I didn't because I didn't think it was out yet. I am wondering though, are you going to need the Garritan Personal Orchestra to simulate a full orchestra? I am an aspiring composer of music for TV, and I have just finished a rough demo of a news theme package. I sent it to one of the many companies that produce that kind of music and they told me they liked it, but that the overall sound needed to be refined and more modern and polished. Basically, I wanted it to sound cinematic and dramatic, something that was a step above most news themes, and they were looking for "a more fully produced underlying rhythm" to have a large impact with the audience. I didn't want to implement rock sounds in the score, I wanted to create something that would be a network style theme. I'm still not quite sure what they mean, when they say that they need something that's current and innovative though. I know that I shouldn't take this too seriously, but all I would like to know is just what they meant by current and innovative. Just wondering.

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    Re: Finale 2007

    It is amazing what you can accomplish with Finale 2008 and the included GPO sounds. Granted, you can do even better with the full GPO, and for a paltry $200 more, why not? Go check out the Knights and Magic entry in the listening room to hear what GPO is capable of. It's pretty amazing what you can do with a $200 sample library.

    Also, the more RAM, the better. I'm running 756 meg, and that's not really enough. I generally record in sections and then upload the audio into my DAW.

    If you are curious about my use of Finale 2008 and the trials and tribulations I faced getting it working just right, check out my blog: Playing in Peoria.

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    Re: Finale 2007

    I am considering getting Finale 2008 for Christmas, certainly. I have composed a news theme package, an orchestral, cinematic style news theme package, and I did send some samples to one company as I said. However, they told me that it had to have an underlying rhythm in order to have impact. I don't know exactly what they are trying to say, I mean should it have drums and bass and rock elements in it? I really wanted to do something that was like a network news theme and at this point I really do not want to make a drastic change to it except to make it sound bigger and better than the limited range that the Finale Notepad has. If anyone can explain to me what they meant by underlying rhythm, I'd like to know.

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