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Topic: Might be useful

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    Might be useful

    This works on Windows, Mac & Linux.

    VirtMus (virtual music) is a free application that allows the user to display sheet music and turn pages without removing the hands (or feet) from the instrument the music is performed on. This feature is very useful during concerts and practice sessions as it allows the musician to focus on performing the music without interruption. The software also allows the users to store and organize their entire sheet music collection on a laptop, making it fully portable and available at a click of a button.

    More here

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    Re: Might be useful

    fast reply without going to the link.

    This is one of the few ingenious ideas, that noone has every thought about yet! YAY!

    I have a feeling that it will be problematic, but yet, the idea is ROCK ON!

    EDIT: hem... it means that you need your laptop with you on a concert? Cause if so, it might be difficult... :-/

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