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Topic: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

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    Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    All parts finished. The first three already presented here, but now slightly altered with some minor settings.

    The fourth part is a kind of a pastorale, telling about our magnificent forests, rose gardens, parcs. The whole piece is filled with musical jokes. Some of them just start and aren't heard after that anymore. Enjoy. By the way, that detuned muted trumpet is "on purpose" .

    NOW ON BOXNET NEW LINKS (I payed the annual fee for larger files, with the Euro-Dollar rating is it cheap for me)

    Part 4: Finale.


    The score of all parts is also present at the appropriate link (see below).
    Please, when you discover something I overlooked, please tell me.
    I want this whole piece a part of an art presentation, with photo's/video's and a real poem, made by amateurs. Possibly on DVD. So it must have a quality label on it.


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    Question Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    OK Ray 'ol buddy what am I missing here? Do I need another plug in to the plug in that I plugged in on the plug in downloaded last week and before yesterday as a plug in?

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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Plugin anything. In case you missed it, we can plugin almost anything in computers and ourselves. Mankind has gone from normal teeth to blue tooth, from a normal stick(ie) to smoke to an USB stick, which you can't lite and smoke. Next development is we plugin ourselves into the computer and "think" our compositions and rendering..... see voila, it is ready without Sonar, SIRreverbs, Perfect Paces (without a s in front), even without Garritan.

    With all those schizo's around, we even can make new multiple voices music, just by thinking about it (don't forget to plug in).

    May I plug out? And I must be demented now, because I didn't understand your message.


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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Raymond, my friend, I have tried three times now to get
    to this... and it keeps shooting me off to some virus trash
    at this link...


    ... which promptly locks up my browser... lol.

    Might I suggest perhaps some alternative for posting?
    I am very much looking forward to hearing this!

    Always my best,


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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Quote Originally Posted by etLux
    Raymond, my friend, I have tried three times now to get
    to this... and it keeps shooting me off to some virus trash
    at this link....
    How about going to the link directly instead of clicking on the parts in the message? .... down below


    Boxnet can't be, because then the compression must be at just about 128 and then you loose too much quality. I am looking at Soundclick......

    Anybody knows how to get the message etLux got? I don't know if the Website of eSnips is infected.


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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    For the record, that is NOT a virus and NOT dangerous,
    Raymond. It's some sort of advertisement. But it
    persistently rips me away from that page about ten
    seconds after your piece starts playing, and then locks
    down the browser.



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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    Well darn it - After reading this thread, I'm too scared to try the link. - $5 a month at Box gets you bigger files, Raymond. SoundClick compresses things much more severely, so I wouldn't suggest that as an improvement.

    Looking forward to hearing all of this again, plus the new.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    See original message. I edited the LINKS.


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    Re: Symphonic Poem about The Hague

    AH, good deal, Raymond - Thanks for alerting us to how you changed the links. Now I've been able to hear the finale to your Symphonic Poem.

    wow--Wonderful textures in this. What a fantastic exclamation mark to your huge piece.

    I love your plans for the multi-media project also, with video, photos, poetry. I should imagine your countrymen in particular could latch on to it and make the package a huge success for all concerned.

    By the way, you may have noticed I enjoy 3/4 - The waltz about 2/3 the way through this was an especially captivating section for me.

    It's a wonderful achievement, Raymond. I'm looking forward to hearing it all again -AH, I should do a bootleg disc of all 4 parts as you've posted them, so I can hear this as one continuous piece.

    Thanks again for letting us know the links were fixed.

    --I'll use that word you asked about awhile back - KUDOS to you, Raymond!

    Randy B.

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