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Topic: key switch?

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    key switch?

    I'm new to Kontakt (2) and am trying to figure out how to use multiple articulations from VSL (opus 1) on one channel. I read somewhere about the key switch function, which seems to be what I'm looking for, but the manual gives very little info about its use. Some of the patches have preset key switch assignments on them, and I've been able use them just fine. What I want to do is mix and match different patches. I believe I've heard this is possible but I'm not sure how it's done. Can anyone help?


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    Re: key switch?

    Key-switches are pretty easy. Just record the key-switch notes on your sequencer on the same track/midi channel and as they are outside of the range of the instrument, you will not hear them. They should be positioned slightly in front of your new articulation.

    Or if you want to make it cleaner for generating a score later, put the key-switch notes on a 2nd track with the same midi channel. One track triggers the notes, the other changes the articulations.

    You can use pre-programmed key-switches from your sample library or you can build your own in Kontakt, but that is a little more difficult to explain. I am sure that there are lots of posts and other information on the forums and tutorials on how to create key-switches in Kontakt.

    But as you said you have Kontakt 2, you can also use Banks and load groups of instruments that way. I prefer this method. You might load all of the violin articulations you want to use in your composition into a Bank. Then you send a change control command from your sequencer telling Kontakt to switch instruments within the Bank. Works great and it is pretty easy as well. Again I am sure that there are detailed posts or tutorials out there explaining how to do this.

    Do a search with something like "Banks Kontakt 2"

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