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Topic: Multi-machines - what's the solution?

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    Multi-machines - what's the solution?

    I'm wondering what the best way is to stack up additional processing power. I've got a rather large orchestration project coming up that will be very taxing on my computer. The problem (as I see it) is actually not stacking up machines but getting them all authorized! I only have 2 authorizations for EW and Kontakt, and from what I can tell, if I get any new VSL instruments they will only work on 1 machine. How do you off load the processing?

    I'm using a Mac G5 Dual 2.0 w/ 5GB Ram



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    Re: Multi-machines - what's the solution?

    You may very well need to just buy more licenses, unfortunately.

    It may be more cost effective to simply keep multiple versions of your project file, with different versions containing the MIDI for various sections, and then bounce your parts down constantly. Sounds more annoying than it actually is; plus, you'll save countless thousands of dollars.
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    Re: Multi-machines - what's the solution?

    Quote Originally Posted by J. Whaley
    if I get any new VSL instruments they will only work on 1 machine.
    But of course each instrument will work on a separate machine, so you can at least have one machine per section. And, in fact, most sections come as two instruments, so you could have two machines running your strings, two for your brass, etc.

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    Re: Multi-machines - what's the solution?

    Im pretty sure Ive read somewhere at the NI forum that you can now install more than 2 instances of Kontakt - as of sometime quite recently. Best check that over there, or maybe someone here can fill you in more.

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