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Topic: Cubase 4.1 update crashing

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    Cubase 4.1 update crashing

    I am using GPO in Cubase as a VST instrument. As soon as I opened a project using the new Cubase 4.1 version the program crashed. Steinberg is telling me that GPO is the problem because the last thing to load into the mixer is GPO. This problem only started with the first use of 4.1 so I don't think it's fair to say GPO is "causing" the crash.

    Anyone know anything further?

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    Re: Cubase 4.1 update crashing

    Hi, Rick

    And you mean that it's Kontact Player 2 loading which is causing the crash?

    Do you have the previous version of Cubase still on your computer? If so, something I would try is opening the project in the old version, deleting the KP2 and GPO set up - after having made thorough notes about all the instruments in the project.

    Then with the new Cubase open, bring in the project and set up KP2 and the instruments again. - Theory being that the new Cubase is for some unknownn reason having trouble importing projects started in the earlier version.

    Worth a try I think.

    Randy B.

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