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Topic: WIVI Woodwinds now available

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    WIVI Woodwinds now available

    WIVI Woodwinds now available for Win VST, Mac AU and Mac VST.

    WIVI Woodwinds is a new instrument collection in the WIVI series, containing a large array of the traditional instruments included in an orchestral woodwind section.

    Audio demo

    New instruments and prices are:

    - Concert Flutes, $99
    - Piccolo Flutes, $79
    - Alto Flutes, $79
    - Bass Flutes, $79
    - Modern Oboes, $99
    - Oboe d'Amore, $79
    - English Horns, $79
    - A- and Bb-Clarinets, $129
    - Eb-Clarinets, $79
    - Bass Clarinets, $79
    - Contrabass Clarinets, $79
    - Modern Bassoons, $99
    - Contrabassoons, $79

    More info available at http://www.wallanderinstruments.com.

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    Re: WIVI Woodwinds now available

    I just wanted to say congratulations Arne...

    I'm at work at the moment so I can't check out the demos, but I will definitely have a listen when I get home.


    Ben H

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    Re: WIVI Woodwinds now available


    I will be buying these today! The demos sound great!



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    Re: WIVI Woodwinds now available


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    Re: WIVI Woodwinds now available


    Got them! Love them! This AM I decided that I should add the flutes as well. Purchased them and installed them into the proper folder. Everything is showing up Except the flutes! I tried this in DP, Logic 7 and Logic 8 with the same results. I reinstalled, repaired permissions (Mac) and still nothing. Any ideas?



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    Re: WIVI Woodwinds now available


    I have to say that I am impressed with you folks. I am a 3:00AM work guy. I email you at 4:00AM about this problem, you get back to be 5 min later with a solution (had to do with my first name on my credit card not matching my registered name) Richard vs. Rik.

    I love you folks! Problem solved!



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    Re: WIVI Woodwinds now available

    The Trial Edition has been updated to also include trial versions (restricted range) of:

    - Concert Flute 1
    - Modern Oboe 1
    - A-Clarinet 1
    - Modern Bassoon 1

    Now available for download from here.

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