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Topic: Beethoven - Egmond Overture

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    Beethoven - Egmond Overture

    Hi, here is my first complete orchestra mockup. The beginning of Beethoven's Egmond Overture...

    Done with SONiVox Complete Symphonic...


    Comments are welcome!

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    Nicolas Roy

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    It's a good mock up.

    The orchestra sounds fine, (even if to be honest not as fine as a 2k dollars sample library orchestra should sound to justify the price...).

    Personally I find a little wet the mix, and winds are by far better than strings.

    Is it the original reverb, or has it been post-processed?

    If it has been, with what plug in and setup?

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    Re: Beethoven - Egmond Overture

    Hi Fabio, thanks for taking the time to comment.

    All instruments have been recorded 100% dry. Altiverb has been added during the mix on Group Channels according to orchestra sections and positions. Ozone was used for mastering.

    Nicolas Roy

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