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Topic: PC Problems

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    PC Problems

    Hello All,

    Last Friday I got slammed with more spyware than I could deal with. Lavasoft's AdAware could not remove it (or at least keep it removed) and after multiple attempts and loss of all my admin priviliges in Windows, I decided to wipe-out windows and start over. Coincidentally my external drive became corrupt at the same time, so I got a new one to backup my work. Now, after I finished the reinstall (it wouldn't let me completely erase my original partition, as Windows said it needed files on that partition) I found a clean install of Windows and a chance to start over, only I found under the C drive all of my old files. I'm not sure if that's why the spyware came back very quickly, but it did.

    My first question: Does anybody know how to get rid of this stuff permanantly? I have run Lavasoft and Spybot: Search and Destroy, and neither can keep it off. As soon as I open a web browser the same browser windows pop up from "cliksor" and others.

    Second problem: Now when I run my clean install of Gigastudio, each and every one of my samples will only play back for roughly 1 second. I have absolutely no sustain in Giga now. I can't find any editing paramaters that may be causing it, I refreshed my quicksound database and tried streaming the samples from my internal and external drives, nothing is working.

    I appreciate any answers, as I have a deadline coming up on a major project and will be screwed if I cannot become operational.

    Thank you,

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    Re: PC Problems

    I had a bad Spyware problem not too long ago, after many others I used Super Anti-Spyware and it did the trick.


    I just used the free one.


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